4 Playful Ways to Support Language Development


If you’re looking for some playful ways to support your child’s language development, simply turn to your child’s favorite plush friends! Beloved stuffed animals can have an enormous impact on language development. Here are a few ways to include your child’s favorite pretend play companions in language-rich activities:

Invite your child to choose a stuffed animal to bring on a familiar outing or errand. Encourage your child to narrate what she experiences. 

Example: “This is Bunny’s first time joining us in the car. Can you help her look out the window and describe all the special places we’re passing?” 

Challenge your child to recall past events. Visuals, such as photos, are often helpful. 

Example: “Here are a few photos I printed from our trip to the zoo. Can you tell Bunny all about our adventure? You can start by showing her the first animal we visited.”

Encourage your child to explain any step-by-step process that she has mastered in your home.

Example: “Bunny has never helped us make oatmeal before! Let’s show her which kitchen tools we need and then you can explain the first step.”

Allow your child to take on the role of “reader” by cuddling up with a special stuffed animal and retelling a familiar story in sequence. If your child is unable to read the words of her favorite book, she can refer to the illustrations and create her own version.

Example: “The character on this page looks so sad. Can you tell your Bunny why he’s feeling this way?” 



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