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Adding Gamification to Your Training – Use a Gamification Platform

In my previous article, Gamification 1 – Getting Started, I showed how easy it is to gamify learning by adding customized learning games. The Training Arcade® also offers Arcades™, a gamified learning platform which includes all ten games and many more features. Arcades introduces badges, player-to-player challenges, team competitions, and more. The screen shot below shows the user landing page.  

The dashboard shows the user’s average accuracy over all learning activities, total experience points (XP), games played, challenges won, and latest achievement. The user can click on Achievement in the left sidebar to see all badges earned. While individual games have their own leaderboard, the global leaderboard here is based on points earned from all learning activities.

The activities area shows tiles for all the learning activities available to the user. The first game shown here is a free game called Spin-to-Win that does not require any custom setup. Each day users get one chance to spin for points that are added to their leaderboard score.

adding a task activity

In addition to the games assigned to the user, you can upload SCORM files, and a wide variety of content types as shown under Add Task Activity. This makes Arcades a gamified delivery platform for any kind of learning content.

a learner journey in Arcades

Journeys are one of my favorite features because they enable you to create robust learning paths. A Journey can include between two and eight stages that must be completed in order. Each stage can include any kind of content, from video to VR and links to third-party apps. Experience points are earned for each stage completed.

Arcades provides detailed metrics for all users and activities. Track engagement with the number of players, number of games, and average play time. Report on the number of unique users, total logins, and overall accuracy. There are top ten lists for Top Games, Most Replayed, Hardest Questions, and Easiest Questions. You will also see how many times solo games, free spins, and battles were played and how many experience points were earned

A Complete Gamified Solution

Arcades provides a powerful gamification solution that delivers any kind of content with digital badging, a points system, competition, leaderboards, learning paths and reporting. You can create many Arcades to target multiple learning groups, onboarding, product launches, certifications, or compliance deadlines. Arcades can also be delivered on your LMS for seamless integration into your existing learning environment.

To learn more about Arcades and sign up for a free trial, go to https://thetrainingarcade.com/arcades. In Gamification Part Three we’ll explore some gamification strategies that can engage remote work forces and attract new clients.



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