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Hello, my name is Alanna, and I’m basically just gonna give you an example of what its like to be a student at East Kent Sudbury!

As I enter the building, I literally feel like I’m gonna explode, that’s how full of excitement I am to see everyone, and to just be there, to see how the younger ones run around, chasing each other and laughing, to see the chore checkers wandering around with their clip boards, looking all smart, ready to get the job done. And to see someone already on the piano, playing a beautiful and magical piece that just adds to the excitement and the playfulness of this space.

When I walk into the JC room, after being written up, I don’t see a room full of adults ready to shout, and tell me off – instead I see two students, smiling, and sitting at one side, with another younger one, ready to put their opinion into the story, with another student, the one who wrote this case, not upset, and holding a grudge, but ready to discuss the incident. And I feel safe, I feel ready, I feel happy in this space.

Basically – this whole community is literally a part of me. And I know for sure that if I’d ever gone to mainstream school, (which I haven’t) I wouldn’t be the person I am now. Because currently, I have so much to do in one day, and so much to learn, and so much to play, I could go on for hours drawing one masterpiece, or I could go on for hours roleplaying in a town, and arresting fake robbers as a policeman, and I could spend so long having an extremely interesting discussion about science, with a teacher. And I absolutely adore EKS for how it’s helped me become who I am, and how it’s shown me so much.

I hope you enjoyed reading my words, and thank you for taking time out of your day to listen, have a lovely week!

– Alanna

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