#AntarcticLog: Something in the water


#AntarcticLog is a series of comics by Karen Romano Young intended to educate and inspire through sciart. You can find the originals here.

The poles make the difference in the size of certain animals.  Here the colossal squid speaks about why it’s so, well, colossal!

Yes, the cold, oxygenated water of the Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica has altered the evolution of its residents. 

Certain animals thrive here, forming the basis of the food chain. 

And in the polar north, we’ve seen influences of another kind — the impact of climate change on sea temperature (and the things that live there).

And that’s the long and short (perhaps large and small?) of it!

Karen Romano Young is a writer, artist, deep-sea diver, and polar explorer. Follow her on Twitter & Instagram. Want to showcase your sciart? Consider writing a guest post for us. 


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