Syllabus of O6 – Commercial Laws

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syllabus of O6 Commercial Laws

Syllabus GRID:

Here is the grid for Syllabus of O6 Commercial Laws .

Introduction to Legal System of Pakistan10%
The Contract Act, 1872 Sales of Good Act, 1930 Partnership Act, 1932
Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881
PPRA Ordinance, 2002 (Public Procurement Regulatory Authority)
PPRA Rules, 2004

Detailed Syllabus Contents:

The detailed Syllabus of Commercial Laws for upcoming attempt is given below.


1.  Introduction to Legal System of Pakistan

  • Need of study of law
  • Sources of law
  • System of court
  • Doctrine of precedent
  • Pakistan’s law making authority


2.  The Contract Act, 1872

  • Contract and its kinds
  • Offer and acceptance
  • Consideration and object
  • Capacity of parties
  • Free consent
  • Void agreements
  • Contingent and quasi contracts
  • Performance of contract
  • Discharge of contract
  • Remedies for breach of contract
  • Indemnity and guarantee
  • Bailment and pledge
  • Contract of agency

3.  Sales of Good Act, 1930

  • Contract of sale of goods
  • Conditions and warranties
  • Transfer of property
  • Performance of contract of sale
  • Rights of unpaid seller

4.  Partnership Act, 1932

  • Definition and essential features
  • Kinds of partners including clauses related to minor partner
  • Difference   between   partnership   and   co- ownership
  • Formation of partnership
  • Types of partnership
  • Registration   of   firms   and   effect   of   non- registration
  • Rights, duties and liabilities of partner
  • Implied authority and non-implied authority of partner
  • Re-constitution of a firm (incoming & outgoing partners)
  • Modes of dissolution of a firm;

5.  Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881

  • Negotiable instrument
  • Parties to negotiable instrument
  • Presentment of negotiable instrument
  • Negotiation of negotiable instrument
  • Dishonour of negotiable instrument
  • Banker and customer


6.  PPRA Ordinance, 2002 (Public Procurement Regulatory Authority)

  • Chapter I.-Preliminary
  • Chapter II.-Establishment Of Authority
  • Chapter III.-Management And Administration Of The Authority
  • Chapter IV.-Financial Provisions
  • Chapter V.-Regulatory and Other Provisions.
  • Chapter VI.-Miscellaneous

7.     PPRA Rules,2004

  •  Short title and commencement.
  •  General Provisions
  • Procurement planning
  • Procurement Advertisements
  • Pre-Qualification, Qualification And Disqualification Of Suppliers And Contractors                              
  • Methods Of Procurement
  • Opening, Evaluation And Rejection Of Bids
  • Acceptance     Of     Bids     And     Award     Of Procurement Contracts
  • Maintenance   Of   Record   And   Freedom   Of Information
  • Redressal  Of  Grievances  And  Settlement  Of Disputes

Recommended Books:

Bare ActsGovt. of PakistanPublications Division, Govt. of Pakistan.
Elements of Mercantile LawN.D. KapoorSultan Chand and Sons
Mercantile LawLuqman BaigGhanzanfar Academy Pakistan
PPRA RulesGovt. of PakistanGovt. of Pakistan



This course is designed to focus on the important topics of Business Laws, governing the operational aspects of business. A thorough study of this course will develop students’ knowledge about the legal system, contract, Partnership, Sales and Procurement Laws apply in Pakistan.


To equip the students with the knowledge of business laws, the course enables them to:

  • Understand the legal system of Pakistan
  • Understand application of commercial laws in industry
  • Advise the management on the financial and non- financial implications of business laws for the effective operations of the business.

On completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the legal system of Pakistan
  • Comprehend the sources of business laws;
  • Understand   the   various   laws   and   provisions contained in the contract act, 1872;
  • Elucidate    the    various    laws    and    provisions contained  in  the  sale  of  goods  act.  1930  and partnership act, 1932
  • Comprehend   the   laws   related   to   negotiable instrument act, 1881;
  • Get     acquainted     with     Public     Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) Act and rules;
  • Interpret   Public   Procurement   Authority   Laws and  its  practical  guidelines  used  for  tendering, bidding and awarding of contracts.


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