MBA in Supply chain management – Which are the top MBA colleges for SCM in 2023?

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An MBA in Supply chain management or SCM will help you streamline supply-side business activities to maximize customer value and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. You will learn how to develop and implement supply chains that are economical and efficient.

MBA in Supply Chain Management is generally a two-year degree program, which is a blend of general business administration curriculum with specialized courses in supply chain management (SCM).

Some of the top MBA programs in SCM also offer less than two-year programs targeted explicitly to SCM courses. For example, MIT Sloan offers a 10-months master’s program where the curriculum is entirely focused on equipping you with skills in the supply chain field instead of a 2-year MBA that covers a broad range of topics.

If you aspire to build your career in the supply chain management field, you must go for MBA programs with SCM concentration that can help you understand the latest trends in the supply chain industry and how to leverage them.

This article discusses the career options, eligibility requirements,  and salary available to you after an MBA in supply chain management or SCM. We also present a list of top 10 MBA programs in supply chain management. 

MBA in Supply chain Management 2023

Supply chain management is a multidisciplinary aspect of business concerned with planning for creating a project, production methods, sourcing, and providing logistic support to gain raw materials and distribution of designed products. In short, Supply chain management is the flow of goods and services and includes all processes that transform raw material into the final product.

With globalization, supply chain management has become more automated yet complicated. This, in turn, has increased the demand for skilled managers who are well-versed with specific knowledge related to the field, such as operations, logistics, and analytics.

To fulfill the demand for managers with supply chain field-specific skills, the modern MBA programs have started to incorporate specific topics in their curriculum, such as logistics, statistics, demand management, optimization, etc.

Some of the major highlights of the MBA in Supply chain management are as follows:

Course Level Postgraduate
Entrance Exam GMAT, GRE, CAT, MAT, SNAP, etc.
Top MBA Programs MIT Sloan, Michigan State University, Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University, etc.
Eligibility 50% Undergraduate degree (GPA)
Top recruiting companies Google, Deloitte consulting, Facebook, Boeing company, Dell, Colgate-Palmolive company, and Walmart eCommerce.
SCM Career options Some of the career options available post MBA in SCM are: Industry analyst, Transportation manager, Procurement analyst, Procurement manager, Supply chain consultant, Sales Account administrator, Project manager, Operations research analyst, and Warehouse operations

MBA in SCM – Top MBA Colleges in 2023

top mba program supply chain management

Here is our list of some of the top business schools known for their MBA program in supply chain management:

  1. Michigan State University (Broad)
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)
  3. Arizona State University (W.P. Carey)
  4. Pennsylvania State University—University Park (Smeal)
  5. Purdue University—West Lafayette (Krannert)

In the following sections, we discuss the scope of MBA programs in supply chain management from the business schools mentioned above and their employment statistics and salaries.

Michigan State University (Broad)

Top MBA Program SCM - MSU

The Michigan State University (Broad) MBA tops our list of the best MBA colleges in SCM. The university was among the first to offer an MBA concentration in supply chain and logistics and continues to work towards redefining the future of global supply chain management. The U.S News and World Report ranked Michigan State University (Broad) #1 for an MBA in Supply Chain and Logistics.

Several SCM MBA concentration courses are offered at Broad, such as Strategic Sourcing, Manufacturing design, and analysis, Decision Support models, Supply Chain Simulation, Supply Management, etc.

Besides the curriculum, you get opportunities to expand your network and get access to various supply chain management resources at Broad. Broad has an IBM On-Demand Supply Chain Lab that uses the latest software and statistical tools to help students stay updated with the latest supply chain industry trends. Moreover, at Broad, you get to participate in exciting competitions, such as the Neeley School Supply Chain Case Competition at TCU.


For its MBA class 2023, 62.3% of students got placed in the Supply chain management function with a mean salary of $108,915. The following table depicts the highest, lowest, mean, and median salaries of the Broad MBA class of 2023:

Full-time MBA Program at Broad Salary
Mean Salary $110,311
Median Salary $110,000
Minimum Salary $65,000
Maximum Salary $160,000

Here is an article on Broad College of Business Class Profile, employment report, and alumni. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)

Top MBA Programs SCM - MIT

MIT Sloan offers a 10-month residential master’s program in supply chain management. This program is designed for early-career professionals who wish to polish their skills and receive advanced SCM training.

Since the program is just 10 months long, it has its perks over a traditional 2-year MBA. The curriculum focuses on equipping you with skills in the supply chain field instead of a 2-year MBA that covers a broad range of topics. Along with focusing on business skills, this program also helps you learn engineering concepts.

You need a minimum of two years of relevant work experience to pursue the Supply chain management graduate program at MIT Sloan.


The following table presents details about the placements of the supply chain management graduates (2023) from MIT Sloan:

Master’s in Supply Chain Management Salary
Median Base Salary $165,000
Median Signing Bonus $30,000
Stock Award $95,000

Supply chain graduates have stepped into roles such as Global supply chain manager, logistics manager, senior consultant, senior program manager, and senior product manager.

Arizona State University (W.P. Carey)

Top MBA Programs SCM - Arizona

The Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business was ranked third by U.S. News in its 2020 rankings of top MBA programs in supply chain management. This MBA program has a well-designed curriculum that gets you ready for the supply chain market.

Some of the relevant specialization areas offered by the ASU W.P. Carey MBA are Supply Chain Management, Health Sector Management, Supply Chain Financial Management, etc.

Speaking about their curriculum, the W.P. Carey School of Business has designed its majors to prepare the students for entry-level positions such as logistics planner, buyer, supply management analyst, and inventory specialist.


More than 38 percent of the 2023 MBA graduates from W.P Carey got placed in different supply chain roles. Also, besides the MBA, W.P. Carey offers other master’s programs in the supply chain, such as Master of Science in Global Logistics and Master of Science in Business Logistics.

A full-time MBA graduate’s mean base salary is $103,000, with a mean signing bonus of $19,143. Some of W.P Carey graduates’ frequent recruiters are Google, Deloitte consulting, Facebook, Boeing company, Dell, Colgate-Palmolive company, and Walmart eCommerce.

For details on W.P. Carey School of Business MBA class profile, placement reports, etc., you can refer to the following article – W.P. Carey School of Business MBA class profile

Pennsylvania State University—University Park (Smeal)

Top MBA Programs SCM - Penn Smeal

The Pennsylvania State University MBA course is two years long, and there are four concentration areas offered to you to major, of which supply chain management is one.

Besides an MBA in supply chain concentration, Smeal also offers a master’s supply chain management program. The school has a dedicated center for supply chain-related research, an excellent opportunity to be up to date for students who aspire to build a career in the supply chain.

Some of the highlights of the Penn State MBA in Supply Chain concentrations are Strategic Procurement, Manufacturing Strategy, and Demand Fulfilment. Some of the companies that have recently hired Penn State MBA graduates in different supply chain roles are Amazon, Apple, DuPont, Exxon, Facebook, etc.

Speaking about the placements, 46 percent of the Smeal College of Business graduates landed in job roles related to operations, supply chain, and logistics functions. The MBA 2023 graduates placed in the supply chain management function fetched a mean salary of $116,883. 

Purdue University—West Lafayette (Krannert)

Top MBA Programs SCM = Krannert

The Purdue Krannert MBA in supply chain specialization is designed to get the students acquainted with the latest developments in the supply chain field. This MBA specialization focuses on teaching students about managing issues related to procurement in global supply chains.

The Purdue Krannert MBA in supply chain management helps students seeking careers in global procurement, strategic sourcing, international operations, operations analyst, risk management, etc.

24% of MBA graduates 2020 landed jobs in functions of operations or logistics or supply chain management jobs with average salaries of $90,445.

What can you do with MBA in Supply chain management? 

MBA in Supply chain management career options

There are a plethora of career options available to you after an MBA in supply chain management. No matter how big or small, all businesses require managers for various functions, such as logistics management, transportation management, warehouse management, supply and supplier management, etc.

Here are some of the most promising career options available to you after a career in supply chain management:

  • Industry analyst
  • Transportation manager
  • Procurement analyst
  • Procurement manager
  • Supply chain consultant
  • Sales Account administrator
  • Project manager
  • Operations research analyst
  • Warehouse operations

The job roles mentioned above are just a few of the many career options available to you post an MBA in supply chain management. And the number of options will keep on increasing with an increase in demand for managers in various supply chain functions.

A survey by the Institute of Supply Management (ISM) shows high demand and high pay for supply chain professionals in fields such as market intelligence, supply chain function automation, consumer demand management, and other functions.

MBA in Supply chain management – salary in India

MBA in Supply chain Management Salary in India

According to PayScale, an MBA graduate’s average salary in SCM is ₹984,336 annually in 2020. Here are some of the job profiles where grads earn the most post MBA in Supply chain management:

SCM Jobs Average Salary
Supply Chain Manager ₹12,87,316
Purchasing Manager ₹1,111,460
Operations Manager ₹1,059,679
Procurement Manager ₹1,363,643
Business Development Manager ₹824,518
Logistics manager ₹705,000
Procurement Officer ₹560,000

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Top Companies that hire MBA grads in India post-MBA in SCM

Here are some of the top companies that hire MBA graduates post-MBA in Supply chain management in India:

Companies Average Salary
Flipkart ₹10,00,000
Deloitte Consulting LLP ₹20,00,000
Tata Consultancy Services ₹675,000
Accenture ₹30,00,000
Caterpillar, Inc. ₹425,000

MBA in SCM- Eligibility Criteria

MBA in SCM eligibility

To know the eligibility criteria for an MBA in Supply chain management, you need to first look for MBA programs that suit your interest. The program you may be looking for may be called a master’s in business administration, a part-time MBA, flex-MBA, Executive MBA, or hybrid MBA. The majority of the time, supply chain management concentration is not available in the executive MBA program.

Once you have chosen your MBA program type, you need to check the requirements to enroll in the program. Generally, to pursue an MBA in SCM, you require:

  • An undergraduate degree with a good GPA
  • Reference letter (LOR)
  • GMAT Score/ GRE score
  • Duly completed MBA Application with generally includes your details and essay questions
  • Work experience is not required by all MBA programs in Supply chain management, but specific programs might ask students to provide their resume to evaluate their work ex

Entrance Exam to pursue MBA in SCM in India

If you are planning to pursue an MBA in India for supply chain management, here are some of the entrance exams conducted by most of the universities and colleges in India:

Entrance Test Exam Level Exam Mode
MAT National Level Online
CAT National Level Computer-based but not online (in-center) and paper-based test
SNAP National Level Online
GMAT International Level Online and in-center
TANCET State Level Offline

MBA in Supply management Syllabus

If you opt for a full-time MBA program with supply chain management as a concentration, the curriculum is generally divided into core and elective subjects. Standard core courses within the MBA program include:

  • Operations
  • Microeconomics
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Statistics
  • Business ethics
  • Human resource management

Most of the MBA programs also allow you to tailor your core requirement to some extent. Apart from the core, most MBA programs offer students specializations, concentration, or electives. Students who are interested in supply chain management can opt for concentrations with SCM MBA. Some of the common specialization’s courses are:

  • Quality Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics
  • Operations strategy
  • Decision support models
  • International logistic management
  • Marketing of logistics
  • Integrated logistics management

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FAQs- MBA in Supply Chain Management

What is MBA in Supply chain management?

An MBA in SCM stands for Masters of business administration in supply chain management. It is generally a 2-year program, which is a blend of a general business administration curriculum with specialized courses in supply chain management.

What Can I do with a Supply chain management MBA?

There are a plethora of career options available to you after an MBA in Supply chain management or SCM. Some of the most promising career options available to you are:
1. Industry analyst
2. Transportation manager
3. Procurement analyst
4. Supply chain consultant
5. Operation Research analyst

What is the difference between Supply chain management and operations management?

The supply chain is sourcing and moving both the raw materials and the finished product. Operations management is the part in the middle where the product is created from raw material. One of the major differences between SCM and Operations management is that the supply chain is mainly concerned with obtaining and delivering products (what happens outside the company), whereas operations management is concerned with what happens inside the company. Learn more about MBA in operations and Top MBA programs.

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