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MP Well-Being Events 2024

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Mindful Practices and CPS’s OSEL (Office of Social Emotional Learning) has teamed up once again to bring Adult Collective Well-Being events to educators within Chicago Public Schools. Deemed the Culture and Climate Events, the goal is to bring a series of professional learning days for culture and climate teams, teacher leaders, SECAs, and all adults interested in learning more about SEL and supporting the well-being of their school communities.

This ongoing series offers thought-provoking professional development in a fun and engaging format, tailored to support the social emotional well-being of the adults who enlighten and prepare our youth for the world.

Our guests will participate in SEL activities, learn about the mission of the Collective Well-Being Project, and have a chance to interact with some of our cutting-edge EdTech tools for SEL. So, come as you are, learn, move, socialize, and focus on your Well-Being!

12/22 – Virtual Kick-Off (am/pm)
1/16 – Mi Tierra (pm)
1/31 – Mi Tierra (pm)
2/9 – South Shore Cultural Center (am/pm)
2/20 – Mi Tierra (pm)
3/13 – Mi Tierra (pm)
4/1 – El Centro NEIU (am/pm)
4/10 – Mi Tierra (am/pm)
4/10 – Online Sessions (am/pm)
4/11 – El Centro NEIU (am/pm)
4/11 – Online Event (am/pm)
5/7 – Big Star Wrigleyville & Wrigley Field (pm)
5/16 – South Shore Cultural Center (am/pm)
5/23 – Diversey Bowl (am)
6/7 – Diversey Bowl (am)
6/10 – Online Event (am)

“Collective well-being is not something that you can do by yourself.”

— Carla Tantillo Philibert

Mi Tierra Sessions

OSEL and Mindful Practices kicked off winter 2024 with in-person Well-Being events that revitalized and rejuvenated the spirit! Even in Chicago’s cold winter months, we kept warm with SEL activities, engaging conversation, and of course — great food!

Mi Tierra, in Chicago’s Little Villiage neighborhood, provided a festive and inviting backdrop to host our Culture and Climate events. We focused on the contrasts of Well-Being and Happiness. We explored how our unique, intersectional identities and perspectives influence the ways in which we make well-being actionable in our lives.

We shared SEL and Well-Being practices and built community through laughter, joy, movement, and connection.

MiTierra Well-Being Event

“The focus on our well-being is critical. Learning how to focus on it isn’t always easy. It’s important to open those doors for people.

— CPS Principal

South Shore Cultural Center

On February 9th and again on May 16th we went to Chicago’s beautiful South Shore Cultural Center, which showcases some amazing architecture and beautiful views of Lake Michigan. We ran with the theme of “It’s OK Not To Be OK” which is a simple phrase that recognizes, respects, and validates emotional struggles that we have. It embodies the belief that you are seen, you are valued, and you have every right to your emotions — challenging or otherwise.

There were yoga exercises, meditation sessions, dance lessons, boxing lessons (yes, boxing!), and lots of games and activities geared towards Adult Well-Being!

MiTierra Jan 31st Mindful Practices Well-Being Event

“We have an opportunity and the power to make workplaces engines for mental health and well-being…”

— U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy

El Centro NEIU Chicago

We were fortunate enough to host the next few Climate and Culture Well-Being events at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago on the Northwest side on April 1st and April 11th. The campus offered an open and modern space where attendees were treated to a plethora of games, activities, and round-table discussions centered around Self-Awareness, Action, and Agency.

April 1st at NEIU Chicago

I think it’s important for adults to share what works for them and give each other ideas. Sometimes things that used to work stop working so it’s important to talk about things that have helped us.

— CPS Teacher

May 7th at Big Star and
Beautiful Wrigley Field!

What better way to focus on your Well-Being this Spring than great food, riveting discussion, and baseball? This May, during Teacher Appreciation Week, CPS staff were invited to Big Star Wrigleyville to enjoy tacos and Well-Being Stations. Afterwards, attendees had the pleasure of watching the Chicago Cubs take on the San Diego Padres in Chicago’s gem-of-a-ballpark, Wrigely Field! The Cubs, as well as, all the educators in attendance brought home the “W” for Well-Being!

MP Big Star and Wrigley Well-Being Event

MP Big Star and Wrigley Well-Being Event

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