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Conferences and Publications are of particular interest to qualified members and professionals. They are interested in conferences because it helps them to keep maintain, improve and broaden their skills in their professional lives. Conferences also helps to gain required CPD hours. The business industry look at the members of any professional body with an expectation for updated knowledge and skills and will not accept any member of a professional association that does not have updated knowledge and skills. Conferences have threefold advantages: Planning, doing and recording your CPD will allow you to: –Provide evidence of your commitment within your profession and of your continuing competence

  • Have an excellent reference document for both updating your CV and in providing a base of future reference of topics you have studied.
  • Hold a useful aid for career development and allow you to plan, record and review your relevant activities.
  • Have an awareness of your shortcomings and a strategy to overcome them.

The professional association in particular and the profession in general will benefit by having: –

  • Efficient and skilled members.
  • Increases members performance which contributes to business objectives of the organizations
  • Create the image of a progressive and committed organization that maintains development following professional qualifications.
  • Members are able to adapt more readily to changing demands within their profession.

The market will benefit from: –

  • The assurance that the professionals are maintaining skills and developing new skills whilst ensuring that their skills are passed to other members.
  • Establish a quality benchmark of the competence of all members.

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Publications are divided into News Letter, Journals and Financial Statements. News Letter mainly shows the near past events and upcoming events and seminars. Journals consists of articles, research work and technical commentary on various topics. Financial Statements shows the financial position of the institutes, These institutes are required by Law to prepare the financial statements.

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