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Earth Day Activities for School Counseling

If you love integrating holidays into your school counseling lessons, I have some great ideas for you! In this post, you’ll find Earth Day SEL activities that are perfect for school counseling!

Earth Day SEL Activities

1 – Nature Art

Find small pieces of nature and turn them into something beautiful! Collect pieces of nature that are already on the ground (no picking or breaking allowed!) and turn on your creativity. What else could this leaf be? An umbrella? A superhero’s cape? The possibilities are endless! This activity encourages thinking outside the box, problem solving, and creativity.

Looking for Earth Day SEL Activities for your school counseling lessons? You'll love these hands-on ideas for your students!

2 – Everyday Rainbow Mindfulness

Head outside for a mindful nature scavenger hunt! Have students independently look for things in nature that are each color of the rainbow. When you get back inside, have students share what they saw and create a drawing of the everyday rainbow you found in nature.

3 – Color by Feeling

Spend some time mindfully coloring with color by feeling handouts! Turn on some calm music, and students can search for the emojis within the pictures while they listen. By the end, they’ll have a beautiful picture to remind them of the importance of caring for the Earth!

4 – Gardening

Gardening can be a calming, mindful activity! Give students a small cup or pot, potting soil, and a seed. Ask students to describe what the soil feels, looks, and smells like. Have students place one finger in the soil and describe the feeling. Then, give students a seed to plant in their soil. Water the seed, place them in a window, or let students take them home to grow!

5 – Lend a Hand

Have students trace their hands on colorful paper. Cut out the hand and glue it on another color of paper. On the palm, write “I Can Lend a Hand!” On each finger, students can write one way they can help the Earth.

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Looking for Earth Day SEL Activities for your school counseling lessons? You'll love these hands-on ideas for your students! Perfect for earth day counseling lessons, spring school counseling activities, and SEL earth day activities.

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