Fourth Annual National Summit On School Safety Gathers Experts to “Rethink School Safety” – Safe and Sound Schools


Virtual Summit brings together the nation’s top school safety leaders to discuss critical issues, best practices, and practical solutions for schools.


SANDY HOOK, Conn.—School safety professionals across the United States and internationally will mark National School Safety Week October 18-20 with Safe and Sound Schools at the virtual 2022 National Summit on School Safety, presented with Premier Partner Navigate360. The Summit features three days of inspiring keynotes, discussion breakout groups, and live expert panels from more than 30 of the nation’s top experts and practitioners, addressing the critical safety challenges today and the practical solutions available to school communities. Registration and information is available at

The opening keynote features Michele Gay, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Safe and Sound Schools, and Frank DeAngelis, retired principal of Columbine High School. The pair will explore the elements and experiences that helped them move forward after tragedy and loss, put pain to purpose, and transform post traumatic stress into post traumatic growth.

Other featured sessions include:

  • Missy Dodds, educator, shares her personal journey of navigating life after a school shooting. Through the pain, guilt, and hard decisions she is open and honest about her struggles and successes, and how she now defines acceptance. Missy’s story gives listeners hope and courage that a person can, by doing the work, find the strength to progress from a victim to a survivor.
  • Steve Gross, Founder of the Life is Good Kids Foundation, examines the power of optimism. Chronic stress, fear and overwhelming adversity can weaken and destroy our capacity for optimism. This inspiring presentation helps individuals discover the healing power of optimism to create safe, joyful, & engaging environments where children and staff alike-can heal, learn, and grow.
  • Dr. Beth Sanborn, School Resource Officer and Juvenile Detective for Wissahickon School District in Montgomery County, PA discusses indicators of poor lifestyle choices among teens and pre-teens. She showcases stash devices meant to hide, deceive, and conceal drugs and drug paraphernalia including vapes, CBD, and THC. 
  • Dr. Stephen Brock, author, professor, College of Education at California State University, Sacramento introduces a multi-tiered system of support (or MTSS) approach to suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention, to help all members of the school community engage in powerful and proactive ways to address the challenge of student suicidal ideation and behavior.

About Safe and Sound Schools

Safe and Sound Schools is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2013 by parents who lost children in the Sandy Hook shooting. The organization offers a variety of tools for crisis prevention, response and recovery that are available to schools nationwide. Safe and Sound Schools works with school communities and mental health, law enforcement, and safety professionals to teach best practices and ensure the safest possible learning environments for children, educators, administrators, and parents. To access programs and experts who can address the multitude of issues that impact safety, visit

About Navigate 360

Navigate360 is the leader in holistic safety and wellness solutions. The company’s comprehensive, holistic offerings span the full spectrum of safety, including threat detection and prevention, mental health and wellness, and safety management and preparedness—backed by research and developed by industry experts. The company provides the tools necessary to empower people, schools, and communities to stay safe and thrive. Learn more at

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