Georgia Real Estate Commission: What is GREC?


Every Georgia real estate professional and hopeful licensee should know the role and function of the Georgia Real Estate Commission, also known as the GREC.

The GREC is a commission regulating Georgia’s real estate brokerage and licensing industry. The GREC updates information and sets regulations surrounding real estate career and licensing requirements.

By paying attention to the news and announcements from the GREC, you will be able to ensure your license is up-to-date and requires no additional steps.

The GREC oversees all processes, requirements, and approvals regarding real estate licensing in Georgia. Here is a list of things that the commission oversees:

  • Real estate license laws that are relevant to Georgia brokers, salespersons, and community association managers
  • Maintenance of licensee records
  • Compilation of licensing reports
  • Regulation of initial licensing and license renewal processes for real estate professionals
  • Investigation license violations and imposing sanctions

The purpose of the Georgia Real Estate Commission is to protect the public interest by establishing real estate licensing rules and regulations. The commission is neutral, as they serve the interest of both real estate professionals and the general public.

The Georgia Real Estate Commission is comprised of six individuals who are each appointed by the governor of Georgia and then confirmed by the Georgia Senate.

These appointed members serve on the GREC for five-year terms. Five commission members must be Georgia residents and have an active real estate career for a minimum of five years.

One member of the GREC is from the general public without a real estate career. This member must have a recognized interest in the protection of consumers.

The members of the GREC meet at least once per month. During these meetings, the commission members cover essential business items so long as at least four members are present.

Members of the public may be welcome during commission meetings if they write a request that is approved to personally appear in front of the GREC.

At the end of every year, the commission releases an annual report that includes the following:

  • A summary of GREC activity over the year
  • A list of staff members
  • A financial report that includes income and fund disbursement
  • The number of new licensees
  • Research and education carried out by GREC
  • Plans for the next year

To learn more about the GREC, renew your Georgia Real Estate License, search for a license, access their online services, or view commission updates, visit

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