Gift Ideas for Five-Year-Olds


My youngest recently turned five, and just before his birthday, I panicked because I couldn’t think of a suitable gift. So I made a list of his favourites and some wish list items to help for his birthday and Christmas. If you have a four or five-year old I hope find this list useful!!

  1. Children’s Yoga Mat & Yoga Flash Cards – we love this yoga mat and cards from Mindful & Co Kids; you can use the code MINDFULFRIENDS20 at checkout for 20% off your order! Check out the different mats, we have and the Nature Print.  
  2. Colour Change Umbrella – Space – for a nature walk or for perhaps walking to school in the rain! 
  3. Planetarium Projector (AU) (here UK) (similar here US) – we gave this as a birthday gift for my five-year-old; it has the option to show rotating stars at one end, and at the other end, you can add slides and see real images of space and the moon, it’s lovely for bedtime and also for learning about space.  
  4.  Digital Microscope – every home needs a microscope. We use a Celestron 5 MP InfiniView, but this option is more affordable. I love the digital screen so the child can share and discuss the image with you. My older children used the Duo Scope at five years (my 11yr old still uses it). If your child is younger, I recommend the GeoSafari Jr microscope, we have it in our living room, and it is a good magnifier for children from 3yrs. 
  5. Children’s Telescope – let me know if you have one you can recommend. I haven’t tried it, but this NASA telescope looks good. 
  6. Children’s Knife – By five, many children are ready to use a sharper knife like this one. The Ikea children’s knife is also a good option. 
  7. Awesome Kitchen Science Experiments for Kids – this is a fun alternative to a recipe book, recommended for children 5-10yrs. 
  8. Rocks and Minerals Flashcards + Rocks and Mineral Collectors Kit – for a naturalist or a child who likes exploring. 
  9. Children’s Head Lamp – for camping, night nature walks or just having fun in the dark! ✨ These will be going into my children’s Christmas stockings. 
  10. Children’s Binoculars – for nature walks, perhaps for some bird spotting! We’ve used many different binoculars over the years and don’t have one favourite, so shop around. 
  11. Children’s Illuminated Globe (AU)(similar here UK)(similar here US) – we have a couple of globes in our home, but this illuminated globe is so lovely at night time; it looks beautiful in the child’s room. This was also a birthday gift for my five-year-old. ❤️🌎
  12. k’nex – oh wow, this is heavily used by my five-year-old, perhaps equal to Legos. For children three-five years, try kid k’nex; we have this out at the moment, and we have also borrowed a set from our local toy library.
  13. Wikki Stix – these are a favourite. Avoid Monkey String, they are using one of my images without permission, and in the photo (with the yellow flower), my child is actually using Wikki Stix.
  14. Origami Book and Origami Paper – for some five-year-olds, this might be too complex, but keep origami in mind; it’s good for using fine motor skills and for cognitive development. 
  15. Original Slinky – this is a fun and sciencey/learning toy! Also a good size for Christmas stockings and a good friend gift. 
  16. Dino Projector Torch – we love projector torches and use them while travelling and at bedtime. 
  17. Rubik’s Cube – my five-year-old is obsessed with his; it is a great small gift and easy to take on holidays or use while travelling on a plane/train/car. 
  18. KidiZoom Camera – my five-year-old and his five-year-old cousin love this camera. Usually, I would recommend using a ‘real’ camera at this age, but the KidiZoom is still a really good option; it’s easy to use and possibly unbreakable. 
  19. Working Stethoscope 
  20. First Watch – my five-year-old has been asking for a watch; we haven’t decided when to get one, but perhaps for Christmas. This one is recommended from 4yrs.
  21. Volcano Lab + Book – for children who love science or are interested in volcanos. 
  22. Lyra Pencils – art supplies are a practical, consumable gift. Five-year-olds are often making the transition from chunky pencils to thinner pencils, and this is a really nice colour pencil set. We also enjoy the Lyra Triangular Kindergarten Pencils. For younger children 3yrs+ we love the Stabilo Woody and the Lyra Triple Groove
  23. Knitting Fork – or perhaps a first cross-stitch kit, or a finger knitting book with some yarn?
  24. Sunprint Kit – this is a small set that will intrigue most children. This is a small gift that could also be given to friends or family. 
  25. Paint Sticks – I love these as a low-mess art option. The colours go on smooth, thick and vibrant. 🎨
  26. Air Dry Clay – another art material that my children enjoy; children can create with the clay, leave it to dry and then paint it. 
  27. Tools & Toolkit – we have this set, and the safety glasses are a little flimsy, but the rest of the set is fantastic. 
  28. Big Engineering Experiments for Little Kids + Big Chemistry Experiments for Little Kids – both good science experiment books, recommended for 3-5yrs+. 

Need more ideas? How about a set of walkie-talkies, kinetic sand, or a National Geographic Kids Magazine Subscription? I haven’t even mentioned KAPLA blocks, magnetic tiles, marble runs, train sets, puzzles, or cooperative games; all fantastic for five-year-olds! 

Please use this gift list for ideas, we shop local as much as possible. In Australia, Entropy is a favourite online toy store and Professor Plums is good children’s science store. In Australia, it is almost summer, so tennis racquets, goggles, swim toys, and swimmers are also on my gift list. 

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