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Bartlett proposes Global Tourism Employment and Human Capital Development Charter to create framework for reimagined tourism labor market ecosystem.

At the 2nd Annual ‘A World For Travel’ Forum in Nîmes, France, Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism and founder of the Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Center, the Hon. Edmund Bartlett, in a Fireside Chat with BBC anchor Rahan Datar, examined the issue of a supply chain disruptions in the tourism industry and focused on the human capital deficit, which is threatening to derail the strong recovery agenda the industry anticipates.

The minister noted that a significant number of the 400 + million tourism workers have not returned to their jobs in all sectors of the industry, noticeable the hospitality, cruise and airline sectors.

This negative employment is threatening the integrity of the promise to offer a seamless and exceptional experience to the visitors to destinations and contributes to the increasing UN affordability of travel and tourism.

The tourism industry needs to recover its attractiveness to the workers and should undergo through a deep and thorough analysis of which factors are giving a rise to this situation.

Admitting that the pre-pandemic Travel & Tourism sector has not necessarily been the best employer and recognizing that the industry was viewed as low-paying, low-skilled and seasonal, offering little job security and social security, Bartlett posited the need for a new charter to reimagine the labor market relations and re-architecture the social contract between the workers and the employers of the Travel & Tourism industry.

There can be no recovery of Travel & Tourism industry without the workers, Bartlett concluded.


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