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Job opportunities for ICAP, ICMAP and PIPFA members

ICAP Members:

If you are an ICAP member and are looking to switch or upgrade your designation then you can find jobs available on ICAP portal using the link. Click Here

ICMAP Members:

ICMAP members can find jobs using the link. Click here

PIPFA Members:

Jobs opportunities for PIPFA members are available on the given link. Click here.

  • Job Vacancies Information (JVI)

Resume Tools & Formats:




  • Writing a CV (.pdf) – – A good guide for writing a CV.
  • CV Writing at – An excellent 2-part article.
  • Sample CV (.pdf) at – Includes a list of common headings/sections in a curriculum vitae, as well as two nicely formatted CV examples.
  • Curriculum Vitae Tools and Templates at – Guidelines for a CV from the Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Includes a pdf with detailed instructions.
  • Writing the Curriculum Vitae at


ICAP Membership:

Members Login:

ICAP members can enter the members lounge using the link

Membership Fee:

Schedule of Fee2021-22 (PKR)
Admission Fee (ACA)500
Admission Fee (FCA)1,100
Annual Membership Fee (ACA)20,000
Annual Membership Fee (FCA)29,000
Annual Practice Fee (ACA)20,000
Annual Practice Fee (FCA)29,000
Life Membership Fee for Retired Members3,000
Overseas (in case of International Bank Draft except USD)1,700
Foreign Affiliation71,300

ICMAP Membership:

Members Login:

ICMAP members can access the members area using the link

Membership Fee :

DescriptionAmount in Rs.
Annual Subscription for a Fellow Member13,000
Annual Subscription for an Associate Member10,000
Admission Fee for a Fellow Member13,000
Admission Fee for an Associate Member6,500
Certificate of Practice Associate/Fellow (New)6,000
Certificate of Practice Associate/Fellow (Renewal)6,000
Duplicate Membership Certificate/COP6,000
Retired Member (Life Membership)2,000
Retired Member Annual Subscription200

PIPFA Membership:

Members Login:

PIPFA members can sign-in in the PIPFA portal using the link

Membership Fee:

Fee structure for national candidates:

Annual Subscription for Fellow MemberRs. 2,500 (effective from July 2019)
Annual Subscription for Associate MemberRs. 2,000 (effective from July 2019)
Admission Fee for a Fellow MemberRs. 6,400
Admission Fee for an Associate MemberRs. 4,400
PIPFA Journal Subscription FeeRs. 200
Admission Fee for Associate Converted to FellowRs. 1,000
Duplicate Membership CertificateRs. 1,000
Retired Member Life – TimeRs. 3,000
Subscription Fee Retired MemberRs. 2,00
Life Time Subscription FeeRs. 25,000
Ten Years Subscription FeeRs. 15,000
Courier Charges for OverseasRs. 4,800

fee structure for international candidates:

Admission Fee for Associate Member$60
Admission Fee for a Fellow Member (Direct)$100
Annual Subscription for Associate Member$30
Annual Subscription for Fellow Member$40
Life Time Fee (Fellow Member Only)$150
Ten Years Subscription Fee$100
Restoration Fee$30
Associate to Fellow Elevation Fee$25
Courier Charges$40
Duplicate Membership Certificate Fee$20


Audit firms are an organization or an institute where students get their training after completing the required studies. The level of studies depends on the certification of the student.

ICAP Students must get them selves registered with firms after qualifying the CAF stage. The training duration shall vary depending on the qualification of student at time of commencement of training.

  • For CAF qualified students the training duration is 3.5 years.
  • For Four-year Graduate / Post Graduate from Specified Degree Awarding Institutes the training duration is 3 years.
  • For Four-year Graduate / Post Graduate from any recognized degree awarding Institute with major in accounting or finance the training duration is 3 years.
  • In any other case, the training duration is 4 years.

Students are also required to complete the probation period. They shall be paid stipend as per the rules of the ordinance through banking channel.

During the training period a Trainee Students shall be required to accumulate working hours computed on the basis of 1,800 hours per year of training. For computing working hours standard recess time as per policy of TO shall be excluded.

The progression of a Trainee Student shall be through the following roles or through any suitable alternate designations with prior intimation to the institute: (a) Assistant trainee (b) Associate trainee (c) Senior associate trainee.

Firms should have a formal mechanism to support the development of technical competencies through on-the-job training. It is expected that the Firms shall provide the Trainee Students practical exposure in the technical areas.

The training outcome relating to each type of professional skills shall be as follows:

  • Intellectual
  • Personal
  • Interpersonal and communication

You can download all the required information regarding firms by clicking the link given below



The interviews and tests folder contains the following content.Click on the above link to download it

  • Selection of Firm or Industry Articles.
  • Induction Guide.
  • A.F.F Interview Questions.
  • K.P.M.G Interview Questions.
  • Interview Questions.
  • Audit Firm Category.
  • 50 Top Tips for Job Seekers.
  • A.F Ferguson’s (Test questions).
  • General Considerations for interview.
  • Interview techniques.
  • A.F.F Karachi Test.
  • K.P.M.G Test.
  • A.F.Ferguson.Application form.
  • Frequently Asked Questions in interviews.