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Life after GATE: PSUs – MADE EASY Blog

While occupied with the exam schedule, many times our mind wanders thinking about the LIFE after GATE. Your full dedication and hard work pay off completely when you open the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) official website one fine day and observe an impressive All India Rank in front of your name. Well, that is not just a dream that we want you to see, but a reality that will soon come true. All exam takers are working hard day in and day out; just to live that moment, which every GATE Topper describes with a smile on their face and sparkle in their eyes in every interview. The happiness does not end there. There is a life full of opportunities and chances, which the GATE exam opens for you and one of them is the wide arena of PSUs.

GATE is a national-level examination conducted every year for all engineering graduates and provides them a gateway towards a bright and successful future. The GATE examination provides the students with immense scope for growth in research, job, and fellowship. Depending on their areas of interest, the students opt for the best suited for them. We have discussed a lot about the preparation phase of the GATE examination, but life after the examination motivates us the most. Therefore, today we want to discuss how your life changes post-GATE success after securing successful recruitment at top PSU jobs.

Therefore, once you have completed with the GATE 2024 exam and the result, along with your rank and score, is out, you will receive calls for interview rounds from the PSUs you have applied after the GATE exam results. In most cases, the weightage of the GATE Score (almost 85%) for selection is more than the interview score. Therefore, you must make sure to give the GATE examination your best shot and receive the expected marks in the exam. Although the interview is mainly technical in nature, your personality, observational skills, and how well you are able to connect with the interviewers while answering the questions.

To know more about the interview, and the expectations of the interviewer you can follow Interview Guidance.

Now, let us talk about the phase when you are selected and ready to join the PSU. The following factors make PSUs the ‘Dream Job’ for a wide range of candidates and offer you with the most satisfactory life after the GATE exam.

1. Bliss Period:

The best part of the PSUs is the joining period due to the set of facilities and training available for the candidates. Here you work as a beginner and receive the much popular induction into the PSU family. This includes the plant, working culture, and nature of work done. You are given a brief review of the problems you may face and how to tackle them as PSU employees. Certain PSUs also recruit trainees for government jobs from different parts of the country to their branches to make the candidates familiar with the PSUs and respective locations, so that they can work with better understanding and dedication when the training is complete. The best part of this period at the PSU jobs is an introduction to all the perks and privileges that the respective PSU will provide you apart from the regular salary and the responsibilities you need to fulfill at your office.

2. Pay:

The best part of being employed at a PSU is a decent and secure salary. The salary may vary at different PSUs. In comparison to the private sector, PSU jobs provide a significant amount of job security with a hefty package that the private sector cannot guarantee. The initial pay package in the PSUs ranges somewhere between 8-20 lakhs, which is good for candidates of the age group 22-30 years. With a good salary in hand, the candidates can fulfill all their financial goals and aspirations, which they dreamt of during their GATE exam preparation. PSU employees also receive a Dearness Allowance (DA) to match up with the market inflation. Thus, every PSU makes it a priority to offer all that you deserve after the months of hard work you have put in to reach the level of the most popular Government Jobs.

3. Perks and Privileges:

While most perks offered at all PSUs are the same, some perks may vary depending on your location and nature of work. Some necessary perks provided to PSU employees include medical facilities for you and a specified number of dependable, petrol prices which varies based on the current market price, newspaper price, furniture allowance, clothing allowance, gadget allowance, and good housing facility, to name a few. These perks act as a bonus to your well-paid PSU job salary and provide you with a comfortable lifestyle.

4. Promotion:

The path of getting a promotion or an increment in PSU jobs is more transparent and reliable. It is assumed that if you work hard and meet targets, you will grow as a professional within the ranks of the company due to regular promotions and increments. Steady growth is one of the key reasons why exam aspirants gear up to prepare for the GATE 2024.

5. Work-life balance:

With fixed work timings, PSU employees have a perfect work-life balance. The employees receive leave around the year along with leaves on national holidays and festivals. This makes PSU employees can contribute the best to their government jobs and develop on his/her set of skills on the side. Along with this, you can give the required time to your family after you crack competitive exams such as the GATE exams. This will help you strike the perfect balance between professional and personal lives throughout your tenure as PSU employees at these renowned Government jobs.

6. Social respect and recognition:

Clearing the GATE examination, which is one of the toughest exams in the country, and subsequently getting into your dream government job is not a piece of cake. Society recognizes this sincere effort of the candidate and the hard work that he/she has put into achieving success in this exam and interviews for PSU jobs. This achievement gives a sense of pride to the candidate from within and prestigious recognition.

7. Develop skills:

Along with the best perks received with the PSU job, one cannot miss the most important part. While working with the best brains in the company, the candidate improves his/her technical skills with managerial skills. When joining any PSU jobs after the completion of training, the candidates receive roles where they have to manage huge projects, which require them to manage manpower. This manpower can include PSU employees who possess more experience than them. In most cases, selected candidates find it difficult to manage the team in the short term. However, it acts as a boon and grants the respective candidate with critical experience beneficial for both personal and professional lives.

8. Grooming:

Many PSUs have tie-ups with various management institutes to groom their employees for an impactful professional start at the respective PSUs. Most PSU jobs provide upskilling opportunities for the candidates after they have served a particular tenure at the respective government jobs. The PSUs also provide paid training to their employees both inside and outside India based on their profile and performance.

9. Future aspects:

The employees who are sincere and work for a long in the PSUs have a bright future as they are the ones who head the various government departments. Also, with the tremendous growth that India is witnessing in the world, the PSUs are expected to grow both in terms of scale and workability. This race will help the PSU employees to have a bright future.

10. Stability:

With the best of everything including pay, perks, and work-life balance, a PSU job is a complete package in itself. It gives one a sense of stability due to which employees work to their best capacity and achieves the best results. The employees can see their future and growth in the organization, which helps them maintain a peaceful and happy life.


1. How many times can I appear for the GATE exam?

Ans. You can appear for the GATE exam unlimited times till the time you meet the GATE exam eligibility criteria.


2. What is the validity duration of the GATE exam score?

Ans. The validity duration of the GATE exam score is up to 3 years.

The dream of the future always encourages one to achieve it with greater dedication and sincerity. With the help of this blog post, we wanted to instill that confidence and enthusiasm in all the candidates preparing for the GATE examination to score a decent All India Rank. The PSUs are a dream for lakhs of candidates who sit for the GATE Exam every year. The pay, perks, facilities, future prospects, and responsibility that the job provides to the selected candidates, unlike the private sector. The PSUs are a complete package of a dream that we all have seen since our graduation days.  The path towards this dream is not difficult if the hurdles are dealt with in the best possible manner. The ones who overcome these hurdles are the ones who come out victorious and live their life after GATE in the PSUs with the sense of achievement and satisfaction.

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