New books to read! About gender, pronouns and disability. ❤️


Are you looking for some new books to read to your children? We’ve recently found three new books that I think you will like. 

The first is Being You: A First Conversation About Gender by Megan Madison, Jessica Ralli and Anne/Andy Passchier (UK here)(worldwide here).  

Being You covers body parts (includes the words penis and vagina, but there are no images of nudity), gender, pronouns, and the importance of being you! 

Being you board book about gender at How we Montessori

Being You helps us to give our child language around gender and opens the discussion around gender in a really open and positive way.

It’s also a fantastic book to read if you want to discuss with your child gender stereotypes around clothes, toys, or colours, which often come up in preschool-age children when they start to play with others or when they start to hear others voicing their opinions.

Being you board book pronouns at How we Montessori

Being You has a section in the back to continue the conversation in the area of body parts, gender assignment, gender binary, gender stereotypes, gender pronouns, gender expression and play, feminism, patriarchy, empowerment and activism.

This is in the First Conversation series, which includes Yes! No! A First Conversation About Consent, Every Body A First Conversation About Bodies and Together: A First Conversation About Love.

The pronoun book at How we Montessori (1)

If you want to further the discussion around pronouns, you might like The Pronoun Book by Chris Ayala-Kronos and Melita Tirado (UK here)(worldwide here). My five-year-old is learning about pronouns, and this age is the perfect time to read it. 

The pronoun book at How we Montessori (1)

The storyline is simple. If you don’t know what someone wants to be called, ask them! It can also be a conversation starter on the different pronouns that people use.

Come over to my house book at How we Montessori

Come Over to My House by Eliza Hull, Sally Rippin and Daniel Gray-Burnett (UK here) (worldwide here). Sally Rippin is the author of the popular Billie B Brown series.

Until now, we didn’t have a children’s picture book specifically about disability. This story takes us inside the homes of seven children; each child has a disability or has a family member with a disability, including cerebral palsy, being blind, deaf, Achondroplasia, limb differences, intellectual disability and Autism. 

Come over to my house book about disability at How we Montessori (2)

Come Over to My House addresses disability in a child-centred way, it’s usually by noticing how people read, play or interact differently. It’s a beautiful book about friendship and acceptance. And just like the other books featured here, it is a good conversation starter. 

Come over to my house Eliza Hull Sally Rippin at How we Montessori Otto

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