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Spot on with Numbers- Dyscalculia Day 2023 | Dyscalculia Network


By Carol Handyside 



Carol’s session at the Parent Conference Dyscalculia Day 2023  will look at tried and tested, successful methods for supporting learners with Dyscalculia and other difficulties with maths. We will explore the importance of representation and how the structure of Spot On works to make maths meaningful, visual and fun.    


Spot On With Numbers uses the Hungarian Number frame, which is known to promote subitising and ‘seeing numbers in numbers’, which helps with learning number bonds through visualising and understanding numbers. While the Spot On resources are great for larger numbers and ideas for using the frame, here is a free resource using the Hungarian Number frame for numbers up to 10:


Spot On Hungarian Number frame -Dyscalculia Day 2023


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