Swoop Bags: Toy Storage Bags for Easy Cleanup!


Tired of seeing tiny toys, loose blocks, or LEGO all over your house?! Swoop has you covered! Created by mother Sarah Kirk, Swoop Bags are a smart storage solution that will change the way your family plays. Designed with a 6″ edge piece to contain small pieces and parts, Swoop Bags open up to offer a circular play mat that children can play around. When play is complete, simply use the drawstring cords to “Swoop it up!” and collect any loose parts. We love that Swoop makes clean up simple so that children are encouraged to take ownership over their play. Read on to learn about the inspiration behind Swoop Bags and how Sarah Kirk involves her two young sons in this small family business. 

We loved learning that your grandmother Besty was the inspiration behind Swoop Bags. Can you share the Swoop Bags story with our community? 

When my boys started really getting into LEGO my mom said, “You need to use your grandmother’s old toy bag she made for your  brother to keep all those pieces off the floor.” So I did just that. The bag was a total lifesaver and a game changer for cleaning up all those little pieces. Essentially, the mess was in the bag and my kids could move their legos from room to room. However, the bag was made with lightweight cotton and there was an exposed cord looped through ribbon holes. Being a designer, I found myself thinking of ways to make the bag more streamlined and modern and extremely durable. This is pretty much when Swoop was born. I found a sewer in Seattle who helped me with the final bag design and had a couple hundred made to start. I was able to do my own branding, website and photos as I was a freelance graphic designer at the time. When I was ready to launch, I sent an email out to all my friends and family. I got lucky as there wasn’t really a “lego storage” bag out there like Swoop. I’ve been swoopin’ it up ever since 2011 and each bag is still made in Seattle.

What would you say to parents who have a unique business idea, but feel overwhelmed by the idea of balancing family responsibilities and small business life?

Keep it SIMPLE. Take baby steps each day to make progress. Even if that means just an email or phone call a day. Before you know it, you have acquired information and knowledge to help you make informative decisions about starting a business. 

How have you involved your two sons in the development and day-to-day operations of Swoop Bags?

When they were little and I was just getting started, they were my models for all the photos and very good bag testers. When they got a bit older, they would help me fulfill orders now and then. 

We’re all about thoughtful products that empower children to play creatively and independently (or for longer stretches of time). How do Swoop Bags impact a child’s play?

Swoop Bags open up to a circular playmat that allow  kids to play freely around the bag solo or with others. There is no attached bucket or extra bells and whistles to get in the way of playing around the bag. I’ve had several customers say how their kids actually now want to play more with their lego or other toys as cleanup time is so much easier and faster.  You just “Swoop it up!” This helps with them be responsible with keeping their spaces organized and picked up. 

We imagine that you have lots of Swoop Bags in your own home! What are your favorite ways to use them?

Yes! I have used the bags for so many things. The large bags are great for dress-up clothes, blocks, legos, trains, Playmobil and beach gear. The mini bags are ideal for toting around makeup/cosmetics, snacks, tech gadgets, knitting supplies, art supplies, and legos in the car or on a plane! You can use them for anything! The nylon/poly fabric is great (like backpack material) as you can machine wash them if needed and hang them to dry.

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