Syllabus of CAF7 COMPANY LAW


Get access to latest and updated syllabus of CAF subjects now. Here you will find detailed course content or Syllabus of CAF7 Company Law for Spring 2023.

Please Note that CAF examination scheme has changed. So each student should consult with their city regional offices for further clarification .

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Syllabus of CAF7 Company Law

Syllabus GRID

Here is the grid of Syllabus of CAF Company Law.

Incorporation and Issuance of Shares15-20
Management and Administration20-25
Meetings and Proceedings, Directors and Chief Executive20-30
Accounts and Dividends15-20
Winding up15-20

Course Outline

The course outline gives an overview of Syllabus of CAF Company Law . The detailed Syllabus of CAF Company Law for Spring 2022 attempt is given below.

Company: introduction, types and registration:

  • The Features of a Company
  • Definition and Types of Company
  • Authorities, Officials, Members and Resolutions
  • Association Not for Profit
  • Registration of a Company
  • Objective Based Q&A

Memorandum and articles:


Chief executive and other officers:

Share capital:

Prospectus and commencement of business:

Mortgages and charges:

Meetings and resolutions:

Distribution of profits:

Investments and disclosure of interest:

Accounts and annual return:

Introduction to winding up:


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