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Tips & Tools for Teaching During a Pandemic

“How can I adapt my lesson plan to support distance learning?” “How can I build relationships with students who I have never met in person?” “How can my school support online learning with limited access to technology?” “How can students collaborate with their peers from a distance?”

These are questions teachers all over the world are asking. That’s why PenPal Schools is excited to announce our fall webinar series, Collaboration. Join us to hear from our community of brilliant educators to learn how they are stepping up to the challenge to deliver great instruction during these uncertain times.

Ready to be part of the global education conversation? Tune into the webinar series to learn:

  • How schools around the world are responding to the pandemic
  • How to connect students to collaborative, global learning
  • Quick tips for navigating virtual teaching
  • How to empower student voices in their learning process
  • Inspiration for project-based learning for students age 8-18

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
AuditStudent.com, founded by Rizwan Ahmed, is an educational platform dedicated to empowering students and professionals in the all fields of life. Discover comprehensive resources and expert guidance to excel in the dynamic education industry.


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