Too much stuff?


Can’t fit in your “speech closet” or on your “speech cart” because of all your STUFF?

I know what it feels like to be buried with things you don’t use, and then be unable to find your favorite materials!

Using methods such Marie Kondo and Clutterbug, I’ve developed my own SLP-specific system for determining what to keep, what to store away, and what to purge.

Please note that the important question here is, “What should I KEEP?” and not what you should get rid of. Assume everything will go, with a few exceptions…

Do you use it at least once a year? Why keep something you don’t use?

I have many materials and toys that I pull out seasonally. These are worth keeping because I use them every winter, spring, etc. However, something that I haven’t used in years and years (and honestly have forgotten that I even own!) needs to go!

Is it age-appropriate? If you work with high schoolers, please remove the preschool toys from your room (unless you have one particular client that adores that one toy).

If you know that you will work with a different age in the future, then box up the materials and store them somewhere with a clear label of what is inside. On the other hand, if you know you will never work with that age or population again, find someone who does and gift it to them!

Does it reflect the cultures of your clients? Do the pictures look like your clients and represent your community?

Images, books, and toys should be a mirror of what your clients see daily or a window into how other cultures look, worship, speak, and live.

Is it up to date? This is especially true for technology. Please don’t keep things representing technology your clients have never heard of before! I’ve had so many things over the years with pictures of payphones! Hello? Outta here!

Do you love it? I’ve held onto things for far too long that I just didn’t love. Keep what you love, not the rest. If you don’t love it, don’t use it! There are too many amazing things out there to keep mediocre.

Ready for the math? Of course, you are!

Now add up your YES answers.

  • All YES? Keep it and rock its use!
  • 2-4 YES? Maybe. You could also consider storing these materials somewhere until you change settings and it is more appropriate.
  • 0-1 YES: Um… no. Just no. It is replaceable if you REALLY need it, but chances are you won’t!

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