Top Toys for Traveling with Kids



Traveling with kids can be tricky. Sometimes you might need a holiday after your holiday just to recover! The best toys to take on a plane or the best toys for in the car is something we’ve thought long and hard about because people ask us weekly what we suggest. You need things that are lightweight to fit in your carry-on luggage, you need things that are quiet to those around you and you need things that will entertain your child – obviously. A pretty tall order, especially if it’s a long journey!

Here are some ideas of the best travel toys for kids to take on a plane or in the car. 

Magnetic Toys – 

We believe that magnetic toys make some of the best travel toys for kids. The reason magnetic toys are fantastic is because all the pieces usually stay in one place. For example if you’re using a handwriting tool such as I tracing board, these are of wonderful way for children to stay entertained without any pieces going missing while you’re travelling. Magnetic tracing boards can come in a range of designs and themes so you are sure to find one that would suit your child’s interests. Magnetic toys such as dress up cases is another great way to stay quiet happy and engaged while travelling. These do have little pieces usually though, so if the ride gets bumpy you might drop some – these are ideal for in the car! 

Handwriting and Activity Books – 

Another fantastic travelling toy are activity sets such as handwriting books or work books for children. Depending on the age of your child, these could include tracing lines and letters, writing words or even solving maths equations. Much like a book of crosswords or a Sudoku book for an adult, activity books will keep you entertained for hours. 

Stories and Books – 

Books for children are a fantastic way for kids to stay happy and busy while travelling. If your child is younger board books for you to read together if you’re on a plane or somewhere else you can read are highly recommended. if your child is a little bit older and capable of independent reading then taking books that will engage their imagination while on their journey way to pass the time. A great thing about books is they can also be used as a wind down part of your bedtime routine, even went on holidays! If reading books of an evening is a part of your normal routine while you’re at home, keeping some normalcy for your children is a wonderful way to make sure they’re not too disrupted while on holidays. Books are a go to for adults on holidays, so it makes sense that kids will enjoy them too. 

Playing Word Games – 

The next travel activity that we think is fantastic isn’t actually a toy at all it is YOU. When you’re travelling with your child, engaging in games such as Simon Says or I Spy and other games like this, you are sure to keep your child happy and not disruptive while you’re travelling. Word games such as these are classic activities to do with your child while you’re travelling and there is a reason for that – they are the best! Can you remember a road trip with your family without a game of I Spy being played? I know I sure can’t! If your child is too young to know what letter words start with, you can still play games like I spy, just modify them to suit your childs age and ability. For example, you might say “I spy with my little eye something that is green” instead of something that starts with G if you’re looking at grass. 

Sticker Set and Art & Craft – 

Another fantastic toy to take when you’re travelling to ensure that your child stays happy and not disruptive to other passengers would be a sticker set. Taking even just a blank piece of paper and a range of stickers will keep your little love entertained for a very long time. If your child is older and more creative you could even put some shapes, squiggles and lines on a piece of paper and get them to complete a picture for you. Younger children might enjoy doing activities such as making patterns with stickers or even counting and matching letters and numbers.

Playing Cards – 

If you’re travelling on a plane or somewhere else with a table, playing card games is also a wonderful way to pass the time. For younger children games such as memory or snap are a great way to bond with your child while travelling. As your child gets older they may want to engage in more difficult games such as Corner King or Go Fish – but there are always fantastic card games to play with a child no matter the age

Travelling with children can be a somewhat stressful experience we understand that completely however if you play with some of the toys that we’ve suggested hopefully it will make your journey smooth and carefree as can be.


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