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Topics to Teach During Mental Health Awareness Month

Planning ahead for Mental Health Awareness Month? Me too! I try to focus on specific, actionable skills that students can implement that directly impact and support mental health. Keep reading to find Mental Health Awareness Month activities:

Mental Health Awareness Month Activities

Early Elementary School

1 – Feeling Awareness

Helping kids learn to identify and name their feelings in huge! When they can recognize and identify their feelings, they can take steps to accept and manage them in healthy way.

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2 – Coping Skills

When kids are dealing with hard feelings, they need skills to help! Practice things like controlled breathing, creative outlets, tension release, and self talk.

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3 – Expressing Feelings & Asking for Help

Being able to use I statements and ask for help is huge at all ages! Teach kids about I statements and safe ways and people to ask for help.

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Upper Elementary School

4 – Self Esteem

Self esteem and mental health go hand in hand! Do activities to help kids identify and celebrate what they love about themselves, qualities they have, and why they feel good about themselves.

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5 – Social Relationships

Social connection and mental health are closely tied. Talk about healthy friendships, seeking social supports, and reaching out to others.

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6 – Empathy

Being able to identify and share emotions of others gives us a mental health boost! It also creates a real human connection that is imperitive for mental health.

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Middle School

7 – Anxiety & Depression

Psychoeducation is so important, especially for middle schoolers. Teach them about recognizing and dealing with anxiety, depression, and other relevant topics.

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8 – Mental Health Success Planning

The simplest way to teach kids about mental health is to create a plan for success. Help them develop an understanding of why certain strategies work to support mental health, and choose strategies that work for them.

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9 – Identity

Middle schoolers are constantly evolving and learning about their own sense of identity. Give them space to explore and share who they are!

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Looking for Mental Health Awareness Month  activities? Explore topics and skills to teach your students here:
Looking for Mental Health Awareness Month  activities? Explore topics and skills to teach your students here. Feeling activities for kids, coping skills lessons for counseling, empathy activities for kids, self esteem activities for kids, mental health activities for school counseling

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