Twas the Night Before the June LSAT


Now that admissions officers have returned from their week of sunshine and educational panel discussions in the desert, they come back to their offices to stare down a few pressing tasks:

The second deposit deadline just passed or is about to pass!
I need to submit my applications for the 2024–25 admissions cycle to LSAC in the next few weeks!
We’re starting to get law fair invites so we need to plan our recruitment strategies for the year!

And for many applicants for this year’s cycle, they have their own task to stare down this week:

GAH! The June LSAT is on Saturday!

So in the interest of being respectful of everyone’s time during this crucial period of the year, let’s take a quick look at the headlines in the world of law school admissions.

The June LSAT (and Future Applications…) Cometh

After weeks of tracking registration numbers and comparing registration figures to bomb blasts, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes, the June LSAT is finally upon us! And on the eve of the exam, numbers are still at near record levels per LSAC’s LSAT Registrants and Test Taker Volumes report:

It looks like Logic Games is going out in style!

While there will likely be some last-minute cancellations and reschedules, the fact that registration numbers are over 28,000 on the eve of the exam is telling. This will be the highest number of June LSAT test takers since 2016. Meanwhile, August and September are looking strong considering that the registration deadline for those two exams is still four weeks away for the former and eight weeks away for the latter. While we at 7Sage don’t have access to a crystal ball that accurately predicts the future (although we continue to work on it down in our labs!)

these numbers are strongly hinting that 2024–2025 applications are going to be higher than this past year. While June is a great month to enjoy some sunshine and warmth, we strongly advise that this year’s applicants get cracking on brainstorming and drafting out their master application documents. Heck! We even recorded an entire podcast about it!

Our best advice tends to be the simplest—the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The earlier you start doing the little things to get your apps rolling, the better off you’ll be come September and October! We promise!

Testing Cold Feet

Looping back to the June LSAT for a moment, we also know that the eve of every LSAT administration comes with a certain mix of excitement and dread. If you’re feeling less “I’m ready to go! Let’s do this!” and more “OH NO WHAT AM I DOING,” you may want to check out our latest podcast on this very topic. We chat with 7Sage LSAT tutor extraordinaire Bailey Luber about that line between nervousness and readiness, and we also talk about some of the pros and cons of taking the LSAT / canceling the LSAT / rescheduling the LSAT from both the tutoring and admissions perspectives. If you need a pep talk before the test and your normal Spotify playlists just aren’t doing the trick, give us a try!

Second Deposit Deadlines

But enough about future applicants! What about this year’s applicants?!?!?!

As we discussed in detail last week, the passing of the second deposit deadlines is the most likely time to see large-scale waitlist activity. This is because schools typically shake their double deposits out of their collective branches and have a much clearer sense of 1) who’s really planning on attending in the fall, and thus 2) how many available seats (if any) they have available for the incoming class. The only twists here are twofold:

  1. The variability of the actual deadline. Some schools had May 30 as their second deadline, most others had June 1, but then there were some who had Monday the 3rd or who have (future tense) the 15th as their deadlines. This variability will drag the process out a smidge.
  2. Although admissions officers were still tracking their deposits at their conference last week (and nothing is funnier in the world of law school admissions than seeing an entire row of AdComms at a conference checking their emails during a presentation and updating their spreadsheets all at the same time), the reality is that it’s difficult to make waitlist admissions decisions remotely. But in the spirit of “game recognize game,” we do need to give credit for the University of Washington Law School winning this year’s award for “Most Active Remote Admitter” for all the offers they sent out at the end of last week while attending a conference!

This is all to say that it may take a few days for the process to kick back into gear. Next week will really be the time when we know if we’re going to see more movement this summer or if waitlist applicants would be better off finally signing their apartment leases at the schools where they’re presently deposited.

Taking a Week Off

And speaking of next week, a brief note that this blog will be on hiatus for a family vacation. Our absence almost certainly guarantees that something crazy will occur. But we choose to believe that that simply will make the following week’s blog entry even more interesting than usual!

7Sage Events

On the topic of the upcoming LSAT and dovetailing with the aforementioned podcasts, we have a new blog post from J.Y. himself regarding what to expect with the August LSAT and future iterations thereafter.

And for our June LSAT test takers who are still panicky on matters, you may want to check out this video recording of one of our recent live classes. The topic? “What does your score mean?” We tried to contextualize your LSAT within the broader application. The long and short of it is that while your LSAT is important, it’s one factor among many in your application. We’ll be doing another live class on this very subject at the end of the month after June scores go live.


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