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icap cfap3 study text and recommended books:

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Course Outline:

The course outline gives an overview of Syllabus of CFAP Business Management and strategy . The detailed Syllabus of CFAP Business Management and strategy for Spring 2022 attempt is given below.

Formulation and implementation of strategy
Formulation of strategy
Development of business vision and mission
Developing strategic, tactical and operational level strategies
Porter’s Five Forces model
PESTEL analysis
Boston consulting group matrix
Competitor analysis
Competitive strategies of cost leadership and differentiation
Resource audit

icap cfap3 study text

Value chain analysis
SWOT analysis
Gap analysis
Future basing – Scenario planning
Risk management
Categories of risk and risk identification tools
Analysis and documentation of risk
Strategies for managing risk
Establishing long term objectives
Generating, evaluating and selecting strategies
Implementation of strategy
Establishing policies
Resource allocation
Evaluation of strategies
Strategic controls – measurement
Strategic controls – evaluation
Strategic controls – revisiting strategies
Balance Scorecard
Key Performance Indicators
Business process re-engineering
Change management process
Project management-quality, cost and time
Strategy and Management of information technology
Role of IT in collection of information, planning and decision making
Formulation of IT strategy
IT Control framework COBIT
IT Control activities
IT Control monitoring
Human Resource Management
The purpose and forms of personnel specifications in the recruitment of personnel
Identifying competencies and other attributes required
Benefits and costs of new or additional personnel
Methods of recruitment
Human resource development and working environment
Motivating and supporting employees
Training, education and development
Staff appraisal styles and the assessment of competence models
Incentives and rewards
Purpose and procedures of health , safety and security requirements
Conflict resolutions
Organization development
Marketing and supply chain management
Marketing strategies, planning and implementing (including Service Oriented Business)
Assessing the nature and size of the market using internal records, market intelligence, market research
Product life cycle
Product positioning and branding strategies
Market segmentation strategies
Advertising and promotion strategies
Global marketing, opportunities and threats
Franchising, licensing, joint venture and alliances
World Trade Organization
Supply chain management
Concept and process of procurement
Vendor development and management
Inventory Management, ware housing and logistics
Production management
Corporate social responsibility and business ethics
The concept of sustainability and corporate social responsibility
Social influences of an entity’s strategy development
Corporate Social Responsibility as a non-financial performance indicator
Ethical behaviour and professionalism

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