ICMAP Past Papers

Here you can download all ICMAP Past Papers without having to pay anything. These past papers are uploaded on google drive so that you can get them without having to sign in in student portal. Let us know if you are unable to download ICMAP Past Papers. We are always here to help you out.

Question Papers Pattern

If you are unsure about the question paper’s pattern and looking for them. We have covered this issue here. All question paper pattern of ICMAP are categorized into their respective stages. You just click on the subject and get your desired question paper pattern.

Model Papers

All model papers of ICMAP are categorized into their respective stages. Just click on the paper name and you will be redirected to google drive. There onwards you can download these model papers from a trustable source without having to worry about viruses.

Model Papers for Local Gateway Examination

Local Gateway examination are designed for special case students. These students have either 16 years of relevant qualification or they are holding certifications issued by ACCA and CIMA.

Model Papers for PCL (2012)

PCL stands for Professional Competence Level. In these papers software and real life scenarios are tested.

Past Papers & Suggested Answers

This is the most favorable section of students. This is where all the past papers can be found. If you click on the link you will find that we have past papers since 2003.. Hence you can see past papers are firstly divided into Years then they are further categorized into Fall Examination, Winter Examination, Summer Examination and Spring Examination. You will also have access to latest past papers on one click. If you click on any examination, You will be happily amazed to see that past papers are firstly divided into their respective levels and their suggested answers are given just below them.

Examiner Comments

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