ICAP ,ICMAP,PIPFA: An introduction of professional accounting bodies

An Overview of Auditstudent.com

Audit student website is designed for commerce and finance students of Pakistan. There are quite a few accounting bodies in Pakistan but only three accounting bodies are accredited by IFAC.

These institutes are;


The admission section gives detailed and updated information about registration, admission, examination and exemptions .Find all the required information here.

Educational institutes and Regional offices:

The educational institutes are located country wide and students needs to go to these institutes to get the required knowledge and skills. The regional offices provides all the necessary information to students as well as members. Find all the institutes and regional office of your city at a single click from here.

Courses and Fees:

The courses and fees section gives detailed course outline and syllabus of all the subjects of ICAP, ICMAP and PIPFA.

Study Material:

The Study material page gives download links to latest study texts and recommended books of all the subjects of ICAP, ICMAP and PIPFA.

Past Papers:

The Past Papers page gives download links to latest examination question papers and their suggested answers of all the subjects of ICAP, ICMAP and PIPFA.

Online Quiz:

These online quiz(es) are free of cost and any body can attempt them as many times as they want. These quiz are firstly divided at institute level. After that these quiz are divided into stages. Quizzes are only available for those subjects which will be tested online.

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan

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Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan



Pakistan Institute of Public Financial Accountants

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