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1 versus 1, Single Cone SOCCER – Simple set-up and EXCITING!

Once we cover many of the basic soccer/fútbol ball-handling skills, we like to introduce single cone soccer/fútbol. All you need is one cone and a couple of evenly matched students. You’ll find that many components of soccer are practiced in this simple game including defensive positioning, ball handling, strategy, and a ton of fitness!

How to play:

  • Pair up students who are evenly matched.
  • Players set up a single cone in their own space.
  • Players play rock, paper, scissors to determine who has first possession.
  • Each player attempts to hit the cone with the ball to score a point.
  • Defenders can NOT stand directly in front of the cone as a goalie. He/she must play the ball.
  • If a defender steals the ball, he/she can immediately shoot at the cone.

Further explanation is in the video.

After several minutes of single cone soccer, we transition to 2 versus 2, single cone soccer. For this, two players who were playing against each other during single cone soccer are now teammates playing against another pair of students. This version is equally exciting, incorporating passing and team-play.

I’ve also had each pair of students set up their cones about 15-20 feet from each other to player 2 versus 2, 2-cone soccer.

Finally, below is a version I played at home with my kids during the pandemic.

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Rizwan Ahmed
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