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10 Free Printable Apple Books for Preschoolers

Use these printable apple books for preschoolers and kindergarten kids to explore a variety of early learning concepts. The books are perfect for your next preschool apple theme or as part of your fall lesson plans.

Each of the apple emergent readers is free (as of this writing) and low-prep. So you can have them ready to go pretty quickly. In addition to covering many early literacy skills, the various apple books also touch on math and science.

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You can use the apple printable books alongside a variety of topics, too. You’re not beholden to using them just during an apple theme!

I think the books would be great during a fruit or nutrition theme, or integrated into your fall activities for preschoolers and kindergartners. Or just make one or two of the books before taking a trip to the local apple orchard. The possibilities are pretty open.

What Skills Do Kids Learn with Printable Apple Books?

As I mentioned above, the printable apple books for preschoolers touch on a variety of early learning skills. Here are a few of those concepts:

  • Left to right, top to bottom progression
  • High frequency words
  • Basic book handling
  • Fine motor skills
  • Color identification
  • Life cycles
  • Sensory exploration
  • Counting
  • Number identification

That’s likely not exhaustive list, either! So you can see how meaningful these apple-themed emergent readers can be. Plus, they’re a fun experience for the kids too. So many children love being authors and illustrators! And fun can’t be ignored.

Materials for Apple Bookmaking

Before we jump into the printable apple books for preschoolers, let’s chat supplies. You really don’t need much to prep the apple books. Here are the basics (I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post):

You’ll want a few more materials to use while actually making the books with your students. Here are some of the possibilities:

And, really, you don’t even need all of those extras. As long as you have crayons you should be good to go!

Printable Apple Books for Preschoolers

I keep saying these printable books are for preschoolers, but they can definitely be used with kindergarten and first grade children, too. It just depends on your students’ needs and preferences.

Now let’s take a look at 10 free printable books you can use for your next apple theme! For more information about each book, and to get the printable, click through the individual links. The images in the collages can give you a sneak peek.

4 printable apple books for preschool and kindergarten
  • Set up an apple test taste for the kids and then make a class book about everyone’s favorite apples.
3 free printable apple books for preschoolers
3 free printable apple books for preschoolers

Now that you’ve checked out all of the printable apple books for preschoolers, which are you going to try first? Don’t forget to save this post for future reference. An Apple Theme Pinterest board or a Printable Books Pinterest board would be a great place to keep it.

More Apple Printables for Kids

If the printable apple books for preschoolers were well-received, check out these additional printable apple ideas:

Hopefully now you have a lot of inspiration for your next apple unit!

Apple Building Fine Motor Letter Mats

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Click on the image below to get our apple-themed fine motor letter mats. They’re a great companion to the printable apple books for preschoolers.

fine motor alphabet mats apple letter building product cover

Here are a few more apple-themed resources to check out:

You can also find us on Teachers Pay Teachers.

collage of printables with text that reads free printable apple books

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