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10 Reasons to sign up for free TCEA membership this May 9-10

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week. And to show our appreciation, we’re offering two days of free TCEA membership! Let’s talk about why you should take advantage of this deal and how TCEA benefits educators.

1. First up – it’s free. If the difference between 1 and 0 is technically infinity, then the difference between $49 and $0 is, like… forty-nine infinities. Are you going to turn down forty-nine infinities of value?? Of course not, that would be crazy.

2. You get access to an enormous amount of free, recorded PD. I tried using Canva for the first time the other day and was instantly overwhelmed. There were buttons and dashboards everywhere. So, I hopped over to our Recordings and Resources library, searched “Canva,” and found a recording by our own PD experts. Now, I’m basically a pro.

3. You’re done with end-of-year testing, and you owe yourself something nice. My kid got to watch “Wreck It Ralph” after his STAAR test. Is free TCEA membership better than “Wreck It Ralph”? It’s a tough call. It’s hard to compete with John C. Reilly’s bumbling, everyman charm.

4. Get access to live webinars, every week, where you can meet experts and ask questions! YouTube videos are great, but when I ask them questions aloud, not only do the people on the screen not answer, but I also get kicked out of the library. Our Lunch and Learns are way better.

5. Get access to more of your peers. Do you have an incredibly weird problem you have no idea how to solve? Wish you could access some of your colleagues who might know more? The TCEA Community is basically a giant room containing over 70,000 educators who are always on call to help out! 

6. Your membership auto-renews. Unlike my gas bill, where I have to log in every month and indicate, “Yes, I would like to keep having heat in my house. Here are some dollars,” – you don’t have to do anything to renew your TCEA membership. Just once a year, boom, you get a notice of your free renewal, and it’s as easy as that.

7. Wait. If your membership renews for free each year… and if the difference between $0 and $49 is 49 infinities… then each year with TCEA is, like, another 49 infinities of value. And if the average teacher’s career lasts at least 5 years, then that’s 245 total infinities, at least! I’m going to open a spreadsheet real quick and crunch this out.

8. Gather with your group! Are you an Instructional Coach or Librarian looking to connect with more of your colleagues? Or a Chief Technology Officer or a Robotics coach wanting to share specs or check on a vendor? We’ve got you covered! You can come to the TCEA Community and join a personalized group that caters only to you.

Image of TCEA Membership Community Groups offered
TCEA Membership Community Groups

9. My grandpa always said to never end a list on a 9.

10. Get a free TCEA micro-learning course when you sign up! Free membership comes with the micro-learning course, Five Research-Proven Ways for Students to Master Vocabulary. I personally prefer to master the katana and the language of steel, but vocabulary is also good.

Don’t wait to sign up. Free membership is only available May 9-10!

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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