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12 Fun First Day Of School Icebreakers Activities To Try – Number Dyslexia

Imagine entering a classroom full of strange people and being lost about who to approach or how to make friends. This is where ice breakers come in; they melt away the tension of initiating communication. 

Icebreakers come in all shapes and sizes, from simple name games to elaborate group activities. But no matter the form, icebreakers are a helpful way to create a welcoming environment where students feel included and valued. Students feel motivated to share their stories and experiences in a comprehensive manner through icebreakers.

Icebreaker activities play a crucial role in building relationships and creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere in any group setting. Such activities help to develop important communication skills, active listening, and expressing oneself clearly and effectively. Hence, here is your guide to ice breakers offering a helpful way to create a positive atmosphere with the inclusion of all students.

Innovative icebreakers for students

Icebreaker activities help set the stage for open communication and friendliness in the classroom. Here are activities that can help teachers create an engaging time for students with the right amount of fun and encouragement.

1. More in Less

More in Less is an activity that focuses on the interaction between students in a creative manner. The objective of this activity is to encourage open communication in a time-bound manner.

  • To conduct this activity, set a timer of 5 minutes and let students roam around
  • The task for each student is to build 5 new connections
  • They should remember at least one unique thing about their connections 
  • After everyone has had a chance to meet, have the students share something interesting they learned about someone else in the class

This activity can be a fun way to help students get to know each other quickly and can also be a good way to break the ice if students feel shy or anxious.  

2. Teaming Up!

Often, students take time to jam up with each other so, this activity focuses on inviting interactions in a competitive environment. 

Teaming Up!
  • To conduct this activity, divide the class into small groups of four or five students
  • Now, give each group a jigsaw puzzle or a brain teaser puzzle
  • Set a timer for a designated amount of time and let groups work together to solve the puzzle
  • When time is up, each group has to present their completed puzzle 
  • Award a small prize to the group that completed the puzzle first

This activity can help students learn to work together and communicate effectively. It also provides a sense of accomplishment when the group completes the puzzle. Furthermore, this also works as a great team-building activity for the kids. 

3. Scavenger Hunt!

A scavenger hunt is a popular activity form where students can interact with each other and form good bonding over playtime. The activity enhances coordination and leadership among students

Scavenger Hunt!
  • For this activity, prepare a sheet with all the materials that students need to find 
  • Now, set different riddles where the materials are answers to the riddles
  • For example, if the answer is a storybook, there can be a riddle about it
  • Now, make teams of 3 students each and let them strategize their plan
  • Set a limited set and award the group that first gets done with the scavenger hunt

As students get an opportunity to mingle with each other over a time-bound task, they are more likely to put their complete attention into making the best teams. It enables communication and friendliness between the team members. 

4. What’s your name?

Icebreakers are a good way to help students know each other and this activity focuses on knowing each other’s names in a fun manner.

What's your Name?
  • For this activity, let all students sit in a circle
  • The first student says their name and an adjective that starts with the same letter as their name. 
  • For example, My name is Alex and I’m amazing
  • Now, the next student repeats the first student’s name and adjective and adds his/her own
  • For example, Her name is Alex and she’s amazing. My name is Sharon and I’m smart
  • Continue around the circle with each student repeating all the names and adjectives that came before them and adding their own
  • If a student forgets a name or adjective, they can ask for help from the group

This activity can be a fun way to help students remember each other’s names and can also help build a positive atmosphere in the classroom.

5. If and Then?

As the name suggests, this is a super fun activity where students get to put their views about others in a creative manner. This activity is full of laughter.

If and Then?
  • For this activity, give 2 blank chits to all students 
  • Now, they need to write two different connecting statements in these 2 chits
  • One statement should start with If while the other should start with the word then
  • For example, If John goes to the garden then he is likely to fall from the swing
  • If Tom likes burgers then he should eat 100 burgers every day
  • Now, all the chits with If should be put in one bowl and chits with them in the other 
  • Call each student and ask them to pick a chit from both bowls and read them aloud
  • Now, when the chits are mismatched, there will be consequences for funny statements like If Tom likes burgers then he is likely to fall from the swing

As this activity includes writing about others, students are more likely to understand their friends more and even write funny statements. The activity can be modified as per the grade of students. 

6. Creative Bingo!

Bingo is widely used in various ways and here, it is focused on finding unique features about other students. You need to create a suitable Bingo table and distribute it among all students.

Creative Bingo!
  • For this activity, create a Bingo table that has many boxes depending on the number of students in the class
  • Now, write different statements in these boxes like below
    • Find someone who has a pet
    • Find someone who is a single child
    • Find someone who loves the color red
    • Find someone who likes to play football
  • Now, let students roam around in the class and keep finding the perfect matches by asking questions to each other
  • In the end, make sure to invite an open discussion from everyone

With such an activity, students not only know each other’s names but even the core features and personal information that results in friendship. It is a helpful way to create an attitude of unity in the class. 

7. Quote of the Day

A simple activity can offer great results when it is implemented in the right manner. This activity focuses on creating unity, sharing thoughts, and encouraging activeness. 

Quote of the Day
  • For this activity, divide the students into teams of 2 members each
  • Each team is assigned a day where they need to come up with the quote of the day
  • After this, they need to write the quote on the board and discuss how they found it
  • Keep making new pairs after the first set of pairs has completed the activity 

While students find quotes, they are more likely to understand each other’s thoughts and thinking perspectives. It also helps them plan, organize, and rearrange their ideas. Furthermore, teachers can use different topics for quotes like special education, success and even learning and growing, or subject related, like quotes on algebra

8. I Like This!

Knowing each other’s interests is a helpful way to reinforce communication and find common traits between students. This activity enables students to showcase their hobbies and find friends from similar zones.

  I Like This!
  • For this activity, each student takes turns introducing him/her and sharing a gesture that represents their liking
  • Students need to act out their hobbies or something they do every day which makes them happy
  • For example, if a student loves to dance, he/she shows some dance moves to the class
  • Similarly, each student needs to act it out and other students have to guess

Such activity enables students to know each other better. It helps them understand how they can share hobbies with someone in the class and jam over it.

9. Travel Stories

Getting to know each other takes time, however, students are likely to jam up when they talk about their travel journeys. Travel stories are full of enthusiasm and crazy moments thereby breaking the ice.

  Travel Stories
  • Ask each student to share their dream vacation destination 
  • They need to talk about why they want to travel to a certain place and what excites them
  • They may also share a funny incident from their travel stories
  • Students also need to be open to sharing their past travel experiences or why they love a certain place

This can be a fun way to learn about different cultures and travel experiences. This can help students get to know each other quickly and encourage conversation.

10. Draw it Together!

Art is something that helps students freely express themselves with the usage of vibrant colors and patterns. This activity encourages conversations and shared ideas in a fun manner.

Draw it Together!
  • For this activity, divide students into teams of 2 members each
  • Now, give them a canvas board or a blank sheet of paper
  • Ask them to collaboratively draw or paint something that best represents the entire team’s liking or features 
  • For example, a team may draw a sketch of a garden with a football and a swing representing their likings
  • Invite an open discussion with the team members about their experience 

A blank canvas is literally a helpful way to enhance creativity and help students freely express their opinions. It also helps in understanding each other at a deeper level.

11. Interview Time 

Students might know the basic details about each other however, open communication helps them better understand their classmates. This activity focuses on enhancing communication between students.

 Interview Time 
  • Pair up the students and ask them to interview each other for a few minutes
  • Provide a list of questions for them to ask each other
  • The questions can be framed in a below manner
    • What is your favorite pastime?
    • What is your favorite sport?
  • After the interviews, have each student introduce their partner to the class, sharing some of the interesting things they learned during the interview

Such an activity helps students discover the hidden secrets of their fellow mates. It also helps build good rapport with classmates. 

12. Choose One!

Getting to know each other through interesting questions is an innovative way to let students interact. It promotes healthy learning and openness in communication.

Choose One!
  • Divide the class into teams of 3 members each
  • Have each group come up with a list of “would you rather” questions 
  • The questions can be the following 
    • Would you rather have the power of being invisible or be able to fly?
  • Once each group has their questions, have them take turns asking each other the questions and discussing their choices
  • After a few rounds, bring the whole class back together and have each group share their favorite or most interesting question-and-answer pair

Wrapping up

In conclusion, icebreaker activities are an essential tool for creating a comfortable and engaging atmosphere. Students are more likely to feel free and less anxious about making new friendships on the first day of school. With such activities, you can help break down social barriers, boost morale, and improve overall dynamics.

Remember to keep the activities light-hearted so they enjoy them the most.  With the right icebreaker activities, you can set the stage for a successful and enjoyable classroom experience.

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