15 Graduation Shirt Ideas (and Where To Buy Them)


Graduation Day is quickly approaching. Are you on the hunt to find the best swag to represent the graduating class? Luckily, there are tons of fashionable and cost-efficient options to choose from that are perfect for every dress code. We compiled a list of the best graduation shirt ideas, filled with customizable and savvy shirts to celebrate the big day!

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Where To Buy Graduation Shirts

1. Etsy

If you have a smaller order, Etsy is a great place to find graduation shirt ideas that are modern and stylish. Order for a small group or a single person.

2. Amazon

Many people are surprised to find Amazon sells shirts, many of which can be personalized with your school name, colors, and logo. Amazon is best for small orders.

3. Custom Ink

If you’re looking for a big selection of graduation shirt ideas, check out Custom Ink. In addition to T-shirts, you can order mugs, signs, notebooks, blankets, and more. Plus, they offer T-shirt fundraisers and a design lab where you can customize your shirts online.

4. Positive Promotions

Positive Promotions has all sorts of goodies for education-themed clothing—perfect for buying custom apparel for your graduation day. They have many designs to buy in bulk for the classroom or grade.

Our Favorite Graduation Shirts

1. #DONE

This is the most relatable graduation shirt idea on the internet. Every student can understand the relief of being … #DONE. This shirt comes in a bunch of fun colors to customize.

Buy it: #DONE shirt on Etsy

2. For the Squad

Graduation Squad shirt

This shirt is perfect to get for your class or just to wear as a teacher or parent who wants to support their graduating class. It’s available in many colors so you can find your perfect style.

Buy it: Graduation Squad shirt on Etsy

3. Senior Edition

Red 2k23 graduation shirt- graduation shirt ideas

This savvy, fashionable shirt is perfect for a more retro vibe. As with the other graduation shirt ideas, this shirt is available in tons of colors. Pair it with a denim jacket as shown in the photo and you are sure to turn heads.

Buy it: 2k23 Shirt on Etsy

4. Senior 2023 Crewneck or T-Shirt

Senior 2023 crewneck- graduation shirt ideas

This style is available in both a long-sleeve crewneck and a T-shirt, so you are covered in both cold and warm weather. Rock this fun style of graduation shirt to support your students.

Buy it: Senior 2023 crewneck on Etsy

5.  Senior Unisex Tee

Senior 2023 shirt

This is a perfect graduation shirt idea to get for your entire classroom. It is unisex and your students will love every color option available.

Buy it: Senior shirt on Etsy

6. Customizable School Colors Shirt

Senior 2023 shirt

This shirt is super customizable, as you can choose which colors you want the letters to be filled in with. This way, you can make your perfect graduation shirt using the colors of your school logo or mascot. Represent!

Buy it: Senior Class of 2023 shirt on Etsy

7. Happy Last Day!

Shirt with words Happy Last Day of School- graduation shirt ideas

This shirt is super literal, yet gets the point across. Spread that last-day-of-school spirit with this shirt, and get tons of high fives from excited students (and teachers) who can’t wait for break. This shirt is available in nine different colors.

Buy it: Happy Last Day of School shirt on Amazon

8. Straight Outta High School

Straight Outta High School Class of 2023 black shirt

This shirt is a classic option to celebrate the graduating class. Buy shirts in this memorable design for your classroom to spread the love and festivities.

Buy it: Straight Outta High School shirt on Amazon

9. I Did It!

I Did it Graduation shirt

This is one of the hilarious graduation shirt ideas on Amazon. And hey, who needs proper spelling … at least they graduated, right?!

Buy it: I Did It shirt on Amazon

10. Donald Duck Graduation Shirt

Donald Duck Class of 2023 shirt- graduation shirt ideas

This retro shirt is stylish and easily customizable to wear graduation day or week. The logo is unique and is sure to garner attention. It comes in multiple colors to suit your taste.

Buy it: Donald Duck shirt on Amazon

11. Cropped Retro Sweatshirt

Seniors 2023 sweatshirt

For anyone looking for super-stylish, sleek graduation shirt ideas, look no further! This sweatshirt comes cropped for a more modern look and is available with your own customizable text and colors. You can even upload a photo of your school’s logo or mascot to complete the look.

Buy it: Cropped Sweatshirt on Custom Ink

12. Tie-Dye Vibes

Seniors 2023 Tie Dye shirt

This shirt is the perfect groovy celebratory shirt to rock the last week of school or on graduation day. The best part is the colors of the tie-dye swirl are completely interchangeable and can be easily customized to fit your school colors.

Buy it: Tie-Dye shirt on Custom Ink

13. Worth the Hassle

The Tassel was worth the Hassle shirt- graduation shirt ideas

This shirt comes in bulk, so you can give one out to all of your students as a reward for handling a heavy workload. After all, it’s definitely worth the hassle in the end.

Buy it: Worth the Hassle shirt on Positive Promotions

14. Classic Class of 2023

Class of 2023 shirt

For a simple, to-the-point shirt that commemorates your class’s special day, get everyone these Class of 2023 shirts. It’s a gift they can always hold on to as a keepsake. These shirts come in bulk and are easy to order.

Buy it: Class of 2023 shirt on Positive Promotions

15. Festive Shirt

Happy Last Day of School shirt

Or you can go the complete opposite route and pick a festive shirt that is sure to catch everyone’s eye. The vibrant colors on this shirt really represent students’ joy on the last day of school.

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With Graduation Day coming up, make sure you are the best-dressed with these handpicked, customizable graduation shirt Ideas!


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