15 June Bulletin Boards To Brighten Up Your Classroom


Before you know it, the end of the school year will be here! Students (and teachers!) are counting down the days until summer vacation, but that doesn’t mean the creative bulletin board ideas have to stop. Celebrate the excitement of warm weather and sunshine, or reminisce on the memories you made with your class throughout the year. Not sure where to start? Check out our list of 15 awesome June bulletin board ideas for some inspiration.

1. Up and Away

What a gorgeous board to kick off summer vacation. Students will love the Up inspiration.

Source: Pinterest: Karen Molina

2. Hello Summer

Bulletin Board with colorful dots on the border that says 'Hello Summer.' Each of the letters in the word summer is on top of a different colored popsicle.

Nothing says summer like Popsicles! Create this colorful board using construction paper and Popsicle sticks.

Source: Pinterest: Jackie Harris

3. Hang in There

Count down the days until summer vacation with this clothesline-inspired board. Each of the numbered shirts can be removed.

Source: Pinterest: Ashleigh Jambon

4.  Don’t Be Crabby

Bulletin board with a blue background, palm trees, and a sun saying 'Don't be crabby! Summer is almost here!' Each of the students names in the class are written on each of the crabs in the bottom corner.

This June bulletin board idea is crab-ulous!

Source: Pinterest: Maddy White

5. Dad Is Tie-rrific

Bulletin board saying 'Dad is tierrific! Happy Father's Day.' Each letter of the words in dad is tierrific are written on different patterned ties hanging on a clothespin.

Father’s Day is June 18. If you’re still in school at that time, this board celebrates dads in a fun, creative way.

Source: Pinterest: Cintya Cabrera

6. Bees Will Buzz …

Bulletin board featuring Olaf from Frozen wearing a grass skirt and holding a lemonade. The board says 'Bees will buzz in summer.' There are bees and a sun in the background.

No one does summer quite like Olaf! Students will love this June bulletin board idea.

Source: Pinterest: Amy Miller

7. Just Keep Swimming

Bulletin board featuring 'Finding Nemo' characters Marlin and Dory and a sea-themed background. The board says 'Just keep swimming, it's almost summer!'

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! Finding summer is simple with this a-Dory-ble bulletin board.

Source: Pinterest: Nicole

8. Going Out With a Boom

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom inspired bulletin board that reads 'Going out with a boom!'

We love this Chicka Chicka Boom Boom–inspired end-of-year bulletin board idea. End the year with a BOOM!

Source: Pinterest: Tara Crayford

9. Sweet Summer Time

Bulletin board that reads 'sweet summer time.' Watermelon, pineapple, and popsicles in different colored paper are scattered around the board.

Watermelon, Popsicles, pineapple … how delicious! Showcase sweet summer treats with this simple board.

Source: Pinterest: Tamila

10. Best Year Ever

If you want a board that reflects on the past year, try this one. Students will love seeing themselves in the photos.

Source: Pinterest: Katie Torres

11. Ants at a Picnic

Bulletin board that reads 'June.' A picnic table is in the center with ants, butterflies, and picnic foods on it.

How cute is this picnic table bulletin board? Each ant and butterfly can be the students in your class.

Source: Pinterest: Debbie Tellier

12. June Bugs

Colorful bulletin board that reads 'May flowers bring June bugs.' Flowers, butterflies, and a rainbow are on the yellow background.

This bright and colorful board brings wonderful summer vibes to the classroom.

Source: Pinterest: Karla D

13. Summer Reading

Bulletin board that reads 'Soak up knowledge this summer... read a good book.' An animal in a beach chair is reading a book. Water and sand are in the background with a palm tree in the corner.

With all the excitement around summer vacation, students can forget to keep up with reading. This June bulletin board idea encourages keeping up with those book lists.

Source: The Decorating Duchess

14. This Year Was Sweet

Bulletin board that reads 'this year was sweet.' A giant pineapple is on the side, and there is a colorful dotted background.

Sweet, simple board. The dotted background gives us all the confetti vibes.

Source: Pinterest: Chelsea Beville

15. Countdown to Summer

Bulletin board that reads 'hang in there, 7 days until summer vacation.' There is a tree with foliage and a monkey hanging down. The number 7 is bunch of bananas with interchangeable numbers.

The creativity of this board is bananas! How cute is that stuffed monkey?

Source: Pinterest: Rebecca Foley-Tolbert

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