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151: Stories from ‘Curious Unschoolers’ | Stories of an Unschooling Family

Wednesday May 08, 2019

This week, I’m sharing the first 3 parts of my newly published book Curious Unschoolers. I hope these stories will give you an idea of what my book is all about. Perhaps after listening to them, you’d like to read the whole book!

6:27 Curious Unschoolers

7:06 Part 1: An Introduction
7:10 Something Important
10:33 The Friend Who Comes to Tea
13:08 Just in Case We’re Not Already Friends
14:53 A Book of Stories

17:22 Part 2: An Introduction to Unschooling
17:28 What is unschooling?
20:48 Why Unschooling Isn’t a Method of Homeschooling
32:01 Does Unschooling Work?

38:04 Part 3: What Unschooling Looks Like 
38:10 What is Unschooling All About?
48:12 Is Unschooling Just Living Life?
54:08 The Curriculum of Life
1:03:07 A Typical Unschooling Day


Show Notes


My Unschooling Book

Curious Unschoolers



Sue Elvis





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