173: Unschool Love Stories | Stories of an Unschooling Family


This week, I’m talking about:

00:00 Intro

01:05 Casual Work and Gemma-Rose 

06:22 Unschooling Community 

07:11 Unschooling Challenges 

09:28 Resources, Links, Questions, Photos

10:57 Book Club Discussion Group

12:14 Nothing Is More Important than Love

17:38 Children’s Book Club 

20:02 Homeschooling Global Summit 

25:09 A-Z Unschooling Stories 

28:21 Clock Watching

35:33 Impressing Other People 

43:10 End Stuff


Show Notes


Blog posts

Clock Watching

Impressing Other People


The Homeschooling Global Summit

Our 2019 Homeschooling Global Summit Interviews


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Radical Unschool Love: Kindle

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Stories of an Unschooling Family

Where the Carol Birds Sing


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