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This week, I’m talking about encouragement. I have two encouragement stories to share with you which I’m hoping you haven’t heard before. But if you are familiar with them, will you think, “Sue is getting repetitive”? Will you consider giving my podcast a negative review? I hope not. Instead, maybe
 you’ll offer some feedback. 

Do you have any ideas for future episodes of this podcast? What would you like to hear about?

Most of my kids are grown up, so often I don’t have any current unschooling news to share with you, (unless, of course, you’re interested in hearing about my unschool learning). Over the years, I have explored a lot of unschooling topics multiple times, and sometimes it seems like I have said everything possible. Could it be time to pack up my mic? Move on and do something else?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. I know they will be kind and encouraging! 


Episode Details

0:00 intro

1:53 discouraging words and negative podcast reviews

3:46 Crushed by a Label

11:11 story comments

13:07 Encouraging Each Other to Do Difficult Things 

16:08 How I Became a Runner

24:46 what I learnt from my running adventure 

33:01 other encouraging stories 

33:53 I’d love to hear your thoughts!

34:42 Summit interviews worth watching 

38:17 unschooling: something worth hearing about 

38:55 an encouraging unschooling community 

39:48 thank you for listening!


Show Notes

Blog Post

Encouraging Each Other to Do Difficult Things


The Homeschooling Global Summit

The Homeschooling Global Summit

My 2020 Summit interview


My Unschooling Books

Curious Unschoolers: Kindle

Curious Unschoolers: paperback

Radical Unschool Love: Kindle

Radical Unschool Love: paperback

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Where You Can Find Me

My Stories of an Unschooling Family community


Sue Elvis


Stories of an Unschooling Family

Where the Carol Birds Sing


Thank you for listening to this episode. If you enjoy my podcast, please consider sharing the link so that we can spread the word about unschooling. A quick encouraging review or rating would help too!

Please feel welcome to visit my blog Stories of an Unschooling Family to leave a comment.  I hope to see you inside my unschooling community. And if you haven’t already seen it, perhaps you’d like to check out my Homeschooling Global Summit interview!




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