20 Sparkly Crafts Made with Glitter


What kid doesn’t love glitter?  I remember it being one of my most favorite craft supplies.  Sure, it can be a bit messy, but it’s so sparkly! You can add an extra touch of creativeness to any craft or art project by adding a little glitter. Plus, kids love it. Sure it is messy, but it is a craft item they don’t get to use often, and it is pretty, so it makes it more exciting to use.

Grab your craft glitter…we are making glitter crafts!

Glitter Crafts for Kids of All Ages

I won’t lie, I love glitter. I know it gets a bad rep and a lot of people hate it, but I think it is so unique and beautiful. Which is why I keep it around for crafting.

If you’re worried about a big mess there are ways to keep it contained. When using glitter try doing it outside. That way it (mostly) stays outside or use a baking pan underneath you crafts to keep the sparkles in one area.

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Sparkly Crafts Made with Glitter

1. Glittery Paper Plate Mask

Paper plate mask made with a paper plate, red and blue water colors, glue, string, and glitter

Make a sparkly mask from a paper plate, toilet paper roll and paint. Be sure to grab your paints to make it colorful! A paper plate mask would be perfect for Mardi Gras, Halloween, or even just for pretend play.

2. Glitter Picture Frames

Take ordinary dollar store frames and jazz them up with sequins and glitter like these from Craftulate. Don’t forget the faux gems to put on this glitter picture frame! Bedazzle it till your heart is content.

3. Glittery Dinosaur Ornaments

glitter dinosaur figurine craft ornament
Dollar Store Crafts have a great glitter dinosaur craft. This will look great on the Christmas tree.

Glittery dinosaur ornaments make me so happy! They’re so cute and perfect to hang up on the Christmas tree or just around the room. Who doesn’t love shiny dinosaurs?!  From Dollar Store Crafts

4. Winter Fairies

Winter may be over, but it is never too late to make winter fairies! You could even make some for every season depending on the glitter you use. Add paint and glitter to basic pinecones to turn them into winter fairies!  From Life with Moore Babies.

5. Snow Globes Full of Glitter

Mama Rosemary has created such a cute little snow globe, complete with glitter.

Make your own glittery snow globes with toy figurines and empty jars like these from Mama Rosemary. I think this is one of my favorite glitter craft. Not only is it lovely, but it could also be used as a calming bottles as your child watches the glitter settle. These glitter jars are the best, and most of the items should be available at dollar stores.

6. Painted Rocks

Painted rocks are a perfect sentiment to give as a little token of love! Not only are they fun to give, but they’re super cute! Add a little glitter any they’re even better. Bring painted rocks to the next level! From Red Ted Art.

7. DIY Window Clings

DIY window clings are not hard to make, they’re actually really easy and perfect for little kids and bigger kids to make. Use glue and glitter to make window clings like these from Craftulate.

8. Glitter Bowl

By using ModPodge and a balloon you can make a decorative glitter bowl. I lied, this one is my favorite! Kids would have a blast making these and they’d make great gifts. Glitter bowls are just the right size for rings or keys. From Mom Dot.

9.Glittery Dragon Scale Slime

Dragon scale slime that is purple and a fun glitter craft.
Glitter, glitter glue, and a couple other ingredients is all that is needed.

Love dragons? Love glitter? And slime? Then this is the perfect glitter craft for you because this dragon scale slime has all of those things. It’s actually really pretty and even more fun to play with.

10. Glitter Toilet Paper Rolls 

crafts with toilet paper
These diy glitter crafts are the best! Buttons, glitter, and paint!

Wrap toilet paper rolls with contact paper and let your little ones decorate them however they’d like with glitter, sequins, buttons and other odds and ends. You could easily turn these glitter toilet paper rolls into maracas if you cover the ends and add dried beans or beads. From Blog Me Mom.

11. Glitter Alphabet Craft

Make a textured alphabet board like this one from Meaningful Mama with pom poms, pasta, and other craft supplies. This glitter alphabet craft is not only pretty and fun, but educational making it a win-win.

12. How To Make Fairy Peg Dolls

Happily Ever Mom has some of the cutest craft projects like these glitter angels.

Want to know how to make fairy peg dolls? Look no further! Paint wooden pegs and add pipe cleaners to create little wooden fairies. Don’t forget to add sparkles. I actually really like these, a very nostalgic toy. You could also make these into a Christmas ornament. From Happily Ever Mom

13. Homemade Magnets

These salt dough magnets are adorable and are also keepsakes! Sparkly floral homemade magnets are fun to make and a great gift to give for mom’s, dad’s and grandparents. From The Best Ideas For Kids

14. Cardboard Bugs with Glitter Wings

Toilet Paper Roll Minibeast Craft - if your kids love bugs or minibeasts, make these fabulous Toilet Paper Roll Bugs this Spring or Summer. #toiletpaperroll #toiletroll #bugs #minibeasts #preschool #teachers
Red Ted Art uses different glitter colors to make different colored bugs!

Bugs aren’t always icky and gross, these cardboard bugs are perfect for kids who are interested in insects. Make miniature bugs from toilet paper rolls and lots of fun colored glitter!  From Red Ted Art.

15. Glitter Sticks

Turns out making glitter stickers is easy. Who knew?! You can make the stickers any color you want and they are so sparkly! I’m loving it and you can make so many different shapes and sizes. From Craft Classes

16. DIY Party Noise Makers with Glitter

1-#noisemakers #diy #new years eve #blowers #horns-041
Fine glitter, glitter glue, and other craft glitter and straws are really what need. Some of my favorite glitter crafts by Meaningful Mama.

Create these party noise makers from drinking straws for a birthday party or New Years Eve. The best part is you can dress them up! Add glitter, beads, sequins, or faux gems to make them your own. From Meaningful Mama.

17. Glitter Playdough

Make your own sparkly (and delicious smelling) playdough right in your own kitchen from Love and Marriage blog. Add as many sparkles as you want, I think I would maybe use a bigger chunk of sparkles so it stands out a little more.

18. Bumble Bee Craft For Toddlers

Want a bumble bee craft for toddlers? Add glitter to the stinger of this free printable bumblebee craft. You could also use glitter glue to decorate the wings and make them extra special.

19. Homemade 3D Mother’s Day Card

Make mom a one of a kind Mother’s Day card this year with this idea from Housing a Forest. This homemade 3D Mother’s day card is so cool. It stands up, you can see it at two angles, and yet it has sparkles!

20. Wizard Magic Wand with Glitter Magic

Wizard Magic wands that are pink, black, gold, and purple, coated in glitter.
Make your very own glitter magic wands.

Use a stick from the outdoors and turn it into a colorful wizard’s wand. This Wizard magic wand is shiny and great to promote pretend play! You can make it one color or mix colors for extra rainbow fun!

Some Of Our Favorite Craft Glitter

Use them in discovery bottles, American crafts, dark fireworks painting, and another sensory activity like a calming bottle, or even to make a greeting card, or Christmas ornament.

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Which glitter craft is your favorite? Which one will you be trying?


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