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It is always helpful when you can learn about new items that are geared to help your child on their journey.

This Check It Out has a potpourri of new things to share.

If keeping urine in the bowl is a constant concern in your house, we have got you covered. Looking for a new sensory item? How about a sensory bin? Check out what we have found. And how about a streaming service JUST for those with differing abilities? And it is on demand too

Watch and enjoy and we hope we helped you a little bit!



Delight Station

A streaming service for adults with intellectual and developmental differences: delightstation.us provides convenient access to content focused on lifelong learning such as art classes, sing-alongs, crafts, yoga, exercise, healthy cooking, hobbies & more.



This corn-based sensory play kit encourages imaginative play, enhances hand-eye coordination,
assists in cognitive growth, and offers screen-free fun.
Target audience is 2.5-6 years old, but
kids of all ages can dig in and play!
Promo code: TENOFF
Link: whoisYoMama.etsy.com



Supports Dignity and Cleanliness! P-Guard discreetly blocks gap between toilet seat and bowl keeping urine in the bowl, off of clothing, off of floors, in the bowl where it belongs. Easy install & cleaning.
Use promo code EP3 and receive a free “Flexible” P-Guard with your order of P-Guard 3-Pack

Promo Code: EP3
Link: www.sweethomeventures.com


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