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4 resources to differentiate computer science instruction

Differentiating instruction is not a new approach to bridging the varying learning styles of students with different backgrounds and learning abilities. For years, educators have strategized how to differentiate instruction in math, ELA, and science. Countless articles and books offer best practices for differentiation in those subjects, but comparatively, very little has been written about differentiating computer science instruction. 

I believe computer science is more important than ever. In the age of artificial intelligence, the study of computers and computational systems—including their theory, design, development, and application–represents a new frontier in science. 

New fields in computer science seem to emerge each day and now include computer systems and networks, security, database systems, human computer interaction, vision and graphics, numerical analysis, programming languages, software engineering, bioinformatics, and theory of computing.

But how does a computer science teacher differentiate instruction in this increasingly important topic?  At the Florida high school where I teach, we offer a rigorous computer science program that offers three courses: Exploring Computer Science, AP Computer Science Principles, and AP Computer Science A. 

Dan Jones, M.Ed., High School Computer Science Teacher, Florida

Dan Jones, M.Ed. teaches computer science at a south Florida public high school.In addition, he is a robotics and esports coach, as well as a Student Government Association advisor.

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