5 Strategy Games Your Family Must Play


It is no secret that playing games together as a family is so much fun! It helps bring members closer together, children love when parents sit down to play a game with them, and it is an amazing way to spend time together as a family!  

There are so many different kinds of games to play together as a family — physical games, card games, pretend play games, but one of our favourites has to be strategy games. 

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What are strategy games? 

Strategy games require players to think about possible outcomes before they make their move. These planned moves have an effect on the possible outcome of the game. Strategy games require critical thinking, problem-solving, and long-term planning, which can contribute to the development of analytical skills in individuals of all ages. 

By playing as a family, these games become a platform for collaborative decision-making, encouraging open communication and teamwork. Each member brings their unique perspective and skills to the table, creating an environment where everyone’s input is valued, and collective strategies are formed. This shared experience not only strengthens family bonds but also nurtures a sense of unity and cooperation, laying the foundation for effective communication and problem-solving in various aspects of life.

Furthermore, strategy games serve as a fun and interactive way to spend quality time together, fostering a positive family dynamic. Playing strategy games as a family creates a platform for face-to-face interaction and shared laughter. It transcends generational gaps, allowing parents, children, and even grandparents to connect on a common ground. Through these games, family members can learn more about each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and decision-making styles and creates friendly competition and camaraderie. Sounds, fun doesn’t it? 

Here are 5 strategy games from shumee you must consider for your next family game night! 

Link-it Blocks I Upto 4 players 

Shumee’s Link-it blocks is the latest game to join the pack of family strategy games. 27 wooden blocks, 1 die, and pattern cards with goals to finish. Challenge your family to a game of Link-it where you stack, connect, and think about how to complete all the pattern cards in front of you. 

Playing a game of Link-it helps children hone their observational skills, plan ahead, and think about how best they can strategically compete the pattern cards in front of them.  

Let’s Cook I 2-5 players

How to play a game and teach your child about the benefits of healthy eating? With Let’s Cook, of course! Let’s Cook is a strategy game developed especially for preschoolers who are curious and eager to discover the world around them. This game introduces them to recipes that make their favourites foods. Strategise and be the first to get all the ingredients you need to make your recipes. Plan ahead and think about sequences before you make your move. 


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Thirsty Crow I 2-4 players


This game has an added layer of fun because you can first have a storytelling session where you enthrall your children with the age old fable of the smart, thirsty crow and then dive into playing the game! Play the game as you take on the role of thirsty crows, collect pebbles, and grab that drink of water! Plan a few moves ahead, think about the best way to move forward and play your way to a win! 

Ninjaki-A balancing game I 1-4 players

How do you balance agile Ninjas and make the tallest tower? That’s the objective of Ninjaki! Balance the wooden ninjas one on top of the other and use the special poses the ninjas are in to make sure they don’t topple. Once they fall, start again and make sure you play a part in building the tallest ninja tower! 

Wonderful game for one player or for the entire family to play on family game night! 

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Sweet-Slurp Pancake Up I 2-5 players

Make playing family games on Sunday morning a thing! We took your child favourite breakfast item and turned it into a fun family game! Sweet Slurp Pancake up introduces business and handling customers to children as they navigate through this pancake store-themed board game. Customers are eager to eat at your pancake restaurant as orders are pouring in and you are in charge of filling those orders. Plan, strategise, and think of the right way to complete the most number of orders and come out ahead of your family. 

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We are sure these strategy games will add that dash of fun to your family game nights and soon become family favourites. How has strategy games enhanced your family game night fun? Write in and tell us in the comments below. 


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