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A hackathon offers a fun way to engage students in solving real, concrete problems. Proposing activities that implement this methodology facilitates learning, stimulates creativity, and encourages participation.

The fifth-grade students of I.C. S.G. Bosco di Napoli participated in a project that involved solving exciting educational challenges. These activities allowed the students to learn collaboration, effective discussion, and to find creative and original solutions to problems unrelated to their disciplines. The realization of presentation videos of their work was done using Surface SE laptops, handy devices managed by the teacher, ensuring privacy and personal account protection.

CC-By provided by the author

What challenges were there to solve?

  • The first challenge involved students in addressing an accessibility problem for disabled individuals on the second floor of the school.
  • The second challenge tasked the children with designing floor games to be installed in a common space in the schoolyard.
  • The third challenge entailed an outing to the city woods to extract colours from natural elements.
  • For the last challenge, students had to plan, draw, and create an eco-sustainable house.

For each challenge, students were appropriately divided into groups with clear and defined roles. The research and realization of pitches and the presentation of possible solutions were sources of enrichment and involvement, making it a highly inclusive activity.

Fortuna Testa is a primary school teacher of I.C. S.G. Bosco di Napoli.

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