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A Positive Role Model with Special Needs? It’s in Jamie Sumner’s New Book – Parenting Special Needs Magazine

Do you wish middle school wasn’t so hard for your child? How about if you had the chance to reach them and help them understand more about special needs?



Do you agree that middle school is a tough time? Does thinking about your experiences make you wish to make it better for your child with special needs? Do you need to know you are not alone and to celebrate the grit and beauty in all kids?

Today we have asked Jamie Sumner to join us. Jamie Sumner is the best-selling author of Roll With It, Time to Roll, and Tune It Out, to name a few of her books. Her work has appeared in The New York Times and The Washington Post. Jamie Sumner’s new book, Time to Roll, is out soon, right in time for summer reading or long car rides.



As Jamie mentions in the interview, she makes sure her books are available as audiobooks. Not only is Time to Roll’s main character Ellie a spunky, positive role model with a disability, but she finds her way to shine. As a mother of a son with cerebral palsy, Jamie also spins a few disability nuggets into her storyline to bring them to the readers, attention.

I have asked her to join us today to talk about

• What inspired you to include stories about children with special needs?
• Why does she write for middle-grade audiences?
• How she writes to celebrate the differences in children.


Time to Roll (affiliate link)

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