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A Weekend Excursion

This weekend is a long weekend, what the Mexicans call a “puente” or bridge.  Monday, May 1st, is a national holiday, Labor Day.  Alejandro and I are going to take a road trip, leaving early Saturday morning, and arriving about five hours later in Cuetzalan in the state of Puebla.  

Cuetzalan is a small town in the northern mountains of Puebla.  It has been named a “Pueblo Mágico” (Magic Town) by the Secretariate of Tourism for its beauty, cultural richness and folklore.  It is surrounded by jungle and coffee plantations.  The town itself is hilly with cobblestone streets and picturesque architecture.  Two thirds of the population speak Náhuatl, the language of the Aztecs, as well as Spanish.  I was there many years ago for just a quick day trip.  It is a truly magical place, and I have always wanted to return and spend more time there.

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We have a hotel room reserved for two nights.  From what I have read, the Wi-Fi throughout the town is not very good, so you might not hear from me again until after we return. 

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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