Algebra 1 Word Wall

This year, I have a separate room for conducting Algebra 1 pull-outs. Even though students have an Algebra 1 interactive notebook, some students will not take the time to “find” the material in their notebook. So, I decided to create a visible word wall in the room in which students are able to easily reference important vocabulary words. This has made such a HUGE difference in working with struggling students and English language learners.

Any time a vocabulary word is mentioned, I will have a student get up and find the word on the wall. After they find the word, we take time to discuss, draw, or act out the word.

Below is a picture of one of our warm-ups for the day (LOW level of difficulty).

Overall, I LOVE how students would reference the wall anytime they were unsure of the meaning of a word. I am currently trying to edit it to make the wall more interactive.

I included part of my Quadratic word walls below if you would like to use!


Rizwan Ahmed
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