Another Wintery Weekend

Over the weekend, pupils braved the cold on the rock and trails. On Saturday, with the cold weather this week, I opted to stay closer to home, so Hobson Moor Quarry was our destination. It is a reliable venue for dry rock and late morning/afternoon sunshine, so it’s not a bad option on a sunny winter’s day.

The day progressed well and everyone made notable improvements. There were a variety of clubs on offer to highlight different styles and techniques. This was a great way to identify areas for improvement back on the school wall.

Yesterday, mountain bikers travelled to Wales for our usual Llandegla visit. It turned out to be a more challenging ride than normal, with a large proportion of the trail actually covered with snow still. Around 80% on the riding was on snow, which presented its own unique experience and challenge.

Despite this we managed to complete a trail and make good use of the skills area, which seemed to be the least affected area.

Another great weekend of outdoor learning, with some unforgettable conditions.

Rizwan Ahmed
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