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Are you an “Unseen” caregiver? Do You feel this way? – Parenting Special Needs Magazine

Why we need to see caregiver health as a true priority


Are you a caregiver? Do you ever feel all you do doesn’t get seen? Maybe you feel burned out by it all, but don’t know where to go for support.

Listen up because


Today we have asked Jess Ronne to join us. She is a mom to 8 children, one who has profound special needs. She is also an author, speaker and podcast host.


I’ve asked her today to talk with us about

-Why caregiver health is a critical issue and how it affects the whole world
-To learn about her organization that aims to financially help caregivers
-To share about her documentary “Unseen” about a caregiver’s life and how to view it.


Jess Ronne’s New book available via Amazon


Links mentioned in this episode:

Unseen Documentary (
The Lucas Project (
Book number #3, Lovin with Grit and Grace – releases Feb 2023

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