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Authentic Project Ideas – Dams

This is a dam in Iowa. When my husband showed me this picture I didn’t even realize at first that it was a dam. Very attractively done, in my opinion.

This got us talking about the pros and cons of dams. Dams prevent many problems, but they also cause many problems.

Authentic Learning – These ideas can be used at any grade level. With younger students there will be more group produced work.

Read: Gather and read information from several sources. (Good authentic lessons don’t rely on just one source…Why not?)

Write: Take notes about what you are reading.

Math: How many dams are in our country? Create a graph showing numbers for the last decade/century.

Geography: Where are they dams. Create a map. Do they tend to be in one part of the country or all over?

Science: What problems do they prevent and why? What problems do they cause and why? Write a report. Create a poster or tri-board. Write a pamphlet.

Opinion: What do you think? What should we do about current dams/future dams.

Really Authentic Learning: This research may take your students in another direction – water usage, water shortages, conservation…

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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