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The last 10 days have proved to be a watershed in my long life as a writer. For two reasons.

First, I have decided to rebrand. Now my primary focus is as Nick Keith Author. The secondary focus is on editing, writing and copywriting (Best Business English). Now I am an author who edits and writes rather than an editor and writer who is also an author.

In 2019 I had new cards printed as Nick Keith Author. However, the pandemic came, and my decision to delay the launch included elements of imposter syndrome.

Meaning & origin

It’s important to define what an author is. The definition of an author is the writer or originator of a book, article, document, or something expressive or informative. Authorship involves any original piece of writing or communication.
The origin is from Middle English in the sense of ‘a person who invents or causes something’. In Latin the meaning of augere was to ‘increase, originate, promote’.
The spelling with th arose in the 15th century, and perhaps became established under the influence of authentic.

Watershed No 2.
Meanwhile the second watershed moment came last week when I decided to change the identity of the murderer in the crime thriller I am co-writing. And, happily, my co-author agreed with my proposal.

So, to cement my new status as author, I have adopted the Bee Gees’ famous lyrics:
“It’s only words,
Words are all I have
To take your heart away”.
Whether in fiction or non-fiction, an author seeks to get into the heart of their readers, the source of their emotions – to get them to learn, enjoy, or buy something.


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