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Cape Verde is tourism: TUI Foundation in motion | eTurboNews – Travel Industry News

Tourism is the main source of income for many inhabitants on the islands of Cape Verde.

Tourism is the main source of income for many inhabitants on the islands of Cape Verde.

The sector has been the main engine for development for the archipelago in the last decade. To further drive positive impact and use the full potential of tourism for Cape Verde, the TUI Care Foundation has developed an ambitious programmatic agenda.

The TUI Academy program offers vocational education and career opportunities to young people from vulnerable communities. It builds on the potential of tourism as an established driver of global job growth and combines theoretical education with on-the-job training and life skills coaching. ​Each TUI Academy is unique to its destination and offers a variety of vocational qualifications.

The first two projects to support the vulnerable communities on Sal and Boa Vista have now been launched.

Tourism is the main employer in Cape Verde. However, only few young people, especially from underprivileged communities, have the possibility to pursue professional hospitality training.  

With the launch of the TUI Academy Cape Verde, 350 students will now receive professional hospitality training for eight months. The training consists of a combination of theoretical lessons provided by the School of Tourism and Hospitality of Cape Verde (EHTCV) and five months of practical training at a tourism business, which includes a network of hotels from both within and beyond the TUI network. The theoretical lessons started mid-December. The programme is specially designed for underprivileged young people from Sal and Boa Vista to access high quality education, work experience, life skills coaching – and a brighter future.

The TUI Field to Fork Cape Verde supports the local food producer Milot Hydroponics on Sal. Sal is an island that lacks fertile land suitable for agriculture, therefore it had always depended on imports to supply fresh products to the population. With the project, fresh organic products ranging from limes, avocados, and mangos to cucumbers, lettuce, and carrots, are now produced locally through hydroponic technology on 18.000 square meters of land.

New green jobs are created and training for vulnerable young people is provided to gain professional experience in hydroponic agriculture. The project also leads the way to a sustainable supply chain for the 12 biggest hotels and resorts on the island.

Both projects support the local communities on the Cape Verdean islands of Boa Vista and Sal. Building on the positive impact of tourism, the TUI Care Foundation wants to lead the way in protecting the natural environment and empowering lives on Cape Verde

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