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Car Detailing Simulator Available Now For Quest, But Lacks Some Polish

Car Detailing Simulator is available now for Quest 2 and Quest Pro, but you might want to take a look at some of the finer details before jumping in.

It’s been a big week for Quest games, with Car Detailing Simulator the latest in a string of releases that dropped this week. According to the store description, Car Detailing Simulator will see you “renew and restore any car to its former glory, as per the demands of your discerning customers” and “transform neglected vehicles into stunning and well-maintained machines that can be the envy of all.”

Sounds pretty good on paper, but the game also comes from the same team as Car Mechanic Simulator, which released last August. At the time, we noted that it fared quite poorly with initial user reviews and ran at a very low resolution in-headset. Mechanic Simulator stills sits at an average of just three stars on the Quest Store, so we briefly jumped into Car Detailing Simulator to see how it stacks up.

Unfortunately, the opening moments of Car Detailing Simulator don’t leave a great impression. There are some basic design problems that are immediately clear – there’s very little player guidance and the opening sequence is quite confusing to navigate in terms of figuring of what the game wants you to do. The game also features performance stutters from the get go. In terms of visuals, there’s a lot of jaggy edges and a few graphical quirks when moving your hands around. It looks rougher than you’d expect from the average Quest title.

Granted we did only try the opening 10 or so minutes, but even so, the quality level seemed about on par with the middling experience found in Car Mechanic Simulator. Ignoring any game design quicks, those very early instances of graphical bugs and performance hitches aren’t a great sign.

For diehard motorheads, maybe there’s something beefy to be found under Car Detailing Simulator’s hood, but we’d recommend caution for those in search of a shinier release with a bit more polish.

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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